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Edible Gold Leaf Facts!

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Edible gold leaf is really a lavish garnish; it could possibly be utilised to pay for confectionery items. Sugar candy could possibly be covered completely in stone, or it might be flecked softly with real gold leaf to boost the look and to communicate a feeling of luxury.

Real gold leaf garnishes don’t add or remove from the flavor of this dish whatsoever; they’re utilized entirely due to their visual appeal.

Utilizing gold foliage in luxury gourmet trainings

Luxury confectionery items like special-occasion desserts and cakes also use edible gold leaf garnishes.

Edible leaf garnishes are being used by seasoned chefs in addition to comparative novices at bakery and cooking. As is true with many technical components, this foliage also has to be utilized with some ability and experience.

Edible gold comprises highly purified gold alloy brought to the depth of a few microns across. One careless or confused touch is that it has to be homeless or have dropped on the consumer’s skin or adhere to an accidental location in your own gourmet dish or confection or candies.

However, the sheet shape is much more helpful when covering larger surface locations. The flake type can arrive in more valuable when decorating ingesting surfaces with pieces and flakes of stone, or to provide an general rainbow. Special-occasion beverages like champagne and specialty desserts or wines can be flecked with gold flakes.

Since it’s constructed from real gold alloy, edible foliage preparations are used as garnishes. A garnish is ordinarily the final decorative touch awarded into your dish, until it’s served. This principle works for golden foliage too, because though it’s an aluminum alloy, devices like microwave ovens can respond to its polished surface if meals utilizing edible metallic foliage is cooked inside.

Ingesting gold foliage

This foliage is a non-reactive improvement since gold is an aluminum alloy. However, to be utilised in raw preparations, it must be purified as you can. Because of this, gold of some top heeled value is ordinarily utilized in edible foliage preparations.

In cases like this, it’s consumed by the body . It could not be possible to recognize real gold leaf by simply looking at it. Since touching raw gold or silver foliage is near impossible as it is going to stick with your fingers, the next best step to take would be to purchase it from a trustworthy source.

If you’re catering to an eclectic guest list, then you might choose to be certain the edible gold leaf you’re purchasing is either kosher or halal accredited also. You might locate foliage sheet packed in the kind of many sheets inside a leaflet. Sizes may vary, but generally, edible foliage will probably likely be around or less compared to 0.13 microns in diameter.

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Bath Bombs – Tranquility Can Be Found On Your Bathroom

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You may take a spa like experience on your bathroom with the usage of bath bombs. You recall relaxing and in case you’ve ever been to a spa. It felt like all your stress and worries vanished into the thin atmosphere. For you turn your bath without leaving home, then can click on the right.

Bath bombs could be explained as one ball of pleasure. They are round in form. You drop them and they fizz while sending aromas as you’re relaxing. A number of the bath bombs are deemed hypoallergenic, which makes it possible for those individuals with the most sensitive skin even people that are allergic to dyes or perfumes.

A number of the ingredients in bombs and a bathtub balls include food coloring, corn starch, baking soda, oleic acid, essential oils and herbs. A few are olive oil and lavender oil. Lavender is well-known for creating a calming influence. This calmness can be useful to body, the brain and soul. When it is skin you’re seeking, consider buying a toilet bomb which contains oil. Oil may also help if you are afflicted with skin irritations, you find relaxation. Among the advantages of coconut oil would be to help soften skin. Obviously, these oils can be blended with different oils for applications.

Bath bombs can be employed by kids . Children have the skin in comparison to adults. A jar of even a bar of soap or bubble bath could be detrimental to skin that is these. A mom of a 3 year old detected following her daughter’s bathroom, her skin kept breaking to this rash. She tried additives that were altering, but never really paid attention. After several bars of soap she understood it had been the bubble tub that caused the rash. A scented bath bomb was bought by her and used it. Her daughter may delight in the bubble bath.

Herbs are well-known for their medicinal in addition to aromatherapy usage.

It is possible to purchase nowadays. They contain oils. There is. The oils are known for its medicinal functions. It is possible to buy bath bombs which contain. You can buy a toilet bomb which may soothe your spirit in addition to help if you click on on the banner on the best.

Fixing yourself as king or a queen for a day does not need to be costly. Bombs and teas are a way. Going regular can be difficult in the pocketbook or pocket. If you’re a individual that has no time bath bombs would be an ideal thing for you. Imagine having the ability simply by dropping a bomb in your 16, to rejuvenate yourself!

are gratifying to the brain. You’re able to find bath chunks in every odor conceivable. There are a number of that smell just like honeysuckles, that are proven to bring a grin to a face. You may buy a toilet bomb which smells like roses, if you’re feeling miserable. This odor is said to bring happiness. Odds are you can discover that smell when there’s a scent that attracts you joy. Their forms of scents are infinite, and it’s ensured that with the choice that is massive, a fragrance is for everybody.

It’s stated that scents often trigger memories. This will explain why bath bombs which exude a beautiful aroma may have a calming effect. Helping her bake pound cake, then get a bath bomb with this odor if you recall standing at your kitchen with your grandma! You will end up standing with a grin on your head on the kitchen of your grandmother. If memories are triggered by smells, it is advisable to prevent bath bombs which may bring memories. In buying a bathroom bombs and balls, the aim would be to facilitate your mind soul and body.

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Bi-Polar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a very complex disease to many people, including medical doctors, and rightly so. As with every other disease in allopathic medicine, there will never be a cure for bipolar disorder. You can’t solely treat this disorder from the physical, and especially with harmful, man-made pharmaceutical drugs. Plus, Western medical doctors admit that they don’t know the cause of this disorder.

All disease and disorder first occur on the energy level before manifesting physically. Therefore, healing of all diseases must occur first on the energy level, the root or causative level. This is why no cure or healing of bipolar disorder will ever occur in Western medicine because Western medicine does not deal with energy or vibration, and the human body has an energy or vibratory body. Western medicine does not even deal with the cellular level of healing, which follows the energy level of healing.

In order to address a problem (disease, sickness) we must first know what it is. You can only begin the healing process when you first “know” what a thing is. Every disease has an origin in which etiology teaches us can be studied.

Though an herbalist, my approach to healing and health is wholistic and encompasses all realms of human existential makeup, including the bio-magnetic sheath (human aura) or subtle bodies realm, i.e. ethereal body, mental body, astral body, etc.

The subtle bodies pertain to the layers of the bio-magnetic sheath (human aura) that relate to the physical, emotional, mental, astral, and spiritual levels of being. All living beings have an invisible but detectable energy field that surrounds them. This is true from man (human being) down to the animals and insects. This invisible energy field is known as the “bio-magnetic sheath” (aura). It can be detected and photographed with a certain kind of photography known as “Kirlian photography.”

Okay, let’s delve into the understanding of bipolar disorder so that we may properly understand it in order to properly address it and help those who are afflicted with it.

Bipolar disorder is medically defined as:

“A major mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania, depression, or mixed mood. One or the other phase may be predominant at any given time, one phase may appear alternately with the other, or elements of both phases may be present simultaneously. Characteristics of the manic phase are excessive emotional displays, such as excitement, elation, euphoria, or in some cases irritability accompanied by hyperactivity, boisterousness, impaired ability to concentrate, decreased need for sleep, and seemingly unbounded energy. In extreme mania, a sense of omnipotence and delusions or grandeur may occur. In the depressive state, marked apathy and under-activity are accompanied by feelings of profound sadness, loneliness, and lowered self-esteem. Causes of the disorder are multiple and complex, often involving biologic, psychological, interpersonal, and social and cultural factors. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 5th edition (1998), pg. 196

Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder. It is one of two major classifications of depressive disorders: (1) unipolar depression and (2) bipolar depression.

Bipolar disorder usually starts out as depression and slowly graduates to mania; and the depression and mania can involve alternating episodes, an up and down effect. Therefore, bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression.

In my traditional fashion, let’s break matters down into pabulum so we can get a thorough and pellucid understanding of bipolar disorder.

The word or prefix “bi” means: “Two; twice: bipolar 2. Occurring twice during: biweekly [Latin: bis, bi – meaning “twice.”] Hence, “bi” means two.

The word “polar” means: 1. Of, measured from. Or referred to a pole 2. Of or near the North or South Pole. 3. Occupying or characterized by opposite extremes.

The word “polar” derives from the word “pole” which means: “Either or two oppositely charged terminals, as in an electric cell or battery; either of two opposing forces. [Greek: polos, meaning “axis”]

The word “disorder” means: “A lack of order; confusion; an ailment.”

From the above break down of the term “bipolar disorder”, we come up with “a lack of order or an ailment of two poles of opposing forces or extremes (or mental states).”

Basically, bipolar disorder deals with a fluctuation of extremes on the emotional level – depression and mania. Depression deals with a saddened state whereas mania deals with an excited or enthused state.

Depression. noun. 1. The act of depressing or condition of being depressed. 2. A sunken area; hollow 3. The condition of feeling sad or despondent. 4. Pschol. A condition marked by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, and feelings of dejection and hopelessness. American Heritage Dictionary supra, pg. 235

Depression. [Latin: “deprimere” meaning “to press down]. 3. A mood disturbance characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement resulting from and normally proportioned to some personal loss or tragedy. 4. An abnormal emotional state characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, melancholy, dejection, worthlessness, emptiness, and hoplessness that are inappropriate and out of proportion to reality. The condition is neurotic when the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic conflict or a traumatic situation or event that is identifiable, even though the person is unable to explain the overreaction to it. The condition is psychotic when there is severe there is severe physical and mental functional impairment because of some unidentifiable intra-pyschic conflict; it is often accommodated by hallucinations, delusions, and confusion concerning time, place, and identity. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 4th edition, supra pg. 354

Mania. noun. An intensively intense enthusiasm or desire; craze. 2. A mental disorder characterized by excessive physical activity and emotional excitement. 3. Violent abnormal behavior.

From the word “mania” we get the word “maniac” which means: One with an excessive enthusiasm for something. [Greek: maniakos, meaning “mad”, mania, meaning “madness.].

We also get the word” manic” which means: “Of, affected by, or marked by mania.”

Are you starting to really understand the depth of the rock group, The Bangles, hit song “Manic Monday” now from all of the definitions supra? I am!

Monday is the day of the week that is named in honor of the moon; hence Monday is a corruption of Moon’s Day. America may profess to be a Christian nation, but if you have eyes to see, you will and can see that paganism’s mark has been left on Christianity and America, which purports to be a Christian nation. Not a Christ-like nation, but a Christian nation. There’s a difference!

Monday has always been associated with emotional imbalance, lunacy, mania, and sorrow (“the blues”) to be exact. In fact, the Latin word for “moon” is “luna” from whence we get the words “lunacy” and “lunatic.” Originally, lunacy was attributed to the moon.

In chromatherapy, the color blue deals with soothing and calming and this color blue (especially light blue) helps us to relax and to calm down. This is very true! So if you have an irate and/or anxious or hyperactive child(ren), you might want to consider painting their bedroom light blue so as to positively impact them with this color’s frequency or vibration.

The color blue is the antidote for the color red, which deals with passion, fever, and fieriness. If you are upset or angry, your aura becomes a tainted and unhealthy red color because on an energetic level you are on fire (burning up), and you begin to emit the frequency of this color, and in accordance pursuant to the law of attraction, as long as your frequency is the frequency of this color (tainted or dark red), you will attract other things into your orb or aura that matches this same frequency. You will attract people, circumstances, situations, and events that will keep you angry and upset and make you more angry and upset. This is true because all energy is cyclical and that which is cyclical is bound to come back around. Karma is cyclical energy coming back around to its source. So to help yourself calm down when you are angry or upset, have a room with blue (light or sky blue) walls that you can go into for a few minutes and just stare at the walls so as to “cool” down.

Actually, staring or looking at anything blue or light/sky blue will get the job done. And if nothing blue or light/sky blue is around, simply close your eyes and visualize this color for a few minutes. It really works! The technique is greatly intensified when deep breathing is added to it. Whatever the source or cause of the anger, simply get a picture of it in your mind, imagine it disintegrating or turning into dark gray smoke and continue to blow the smoke out via your lips (perform 10-20 deep breaths); then imagine the dark gray smoke all gone from your mind.

With each breath you release the cause or source of your anger. After the last breath, you simply say: “I have released” (this anger, situation, etc.). And because you don’t want that negative energy to be lingering out in the Universe so as to be available to someone else, simply transmute it into positive energy with deliberate intent and you can do this by either imaging or vocalizing (via imaging see the dark gray smoke convert into a pure white or sparkling crystalline colored smoke or via vocalization say: “the negative energy I just released is hereby converted in positive energy and made available for positive use throughout the Universe – So be it!’).

Okay, getting back to our subject at hand, because blue (light/sky blue) is the color frequency of the Fifth chakra (Vissudha), visualizing or looking at the color blue will help to balance (open) this chakra – the seat of communication, which pertains to higher creativity and self-expression, thus allowing you to express yourself (and truthfully and honestly).

We do express ourselves better when we are “cool” (cool-headed), calm, and relaxed. The color blue (and light/sky blue) has this profound and healing effect on us, all of us, whether we believe in chakras and/or chromatherapy or not.

Now while the color blue deals with being cool, calm, and relaxed, the color also has an opposite polarity effect – depression or melancholy, hence a feeling of “the blues” which I’m sure African-Americans can relate to, at least better than anybody else or any other so-called race (since today, the majority of Americans regardless of race are catching and singing “the blues” today due to the state of our union [government, society] and our personal unions with self (inner and outer) and other people).

From my personal research I have discovered that depression and melancholy affect the liver organ and vice versa. The psycho-emotional aspect of the liver corresponds to the negative emotion of anger; thus anger (and madness) stores in the liver (the tissues of the liver).

It is the consumption of alcohol (spirits) that releases the evil spirits of anger and madness that are stored in the liver in the person who consumes alcohol. It is very common for drunk or inebriated people to become very upset, angry, or mad shortly after reaching this imbalanced state. This is because the alcohol serves as an instigator for the release of these stored negative emotions that the drunkard or drunk person has been carrying for some time (perhaps dating back to childhood or the teenage years).

Because alcohol is an intoxicant (a toxic substance; a pollutant of the blood and thus the body), it not only pollutes on the physical level, but also pollutes on the subtle body level. The aura becomes a dirty dark red color, in addition, little portals (gateways) open up within the aura which allows negative or dark spirits (ethereal beings) to enter the person’s energy body and thus take the person under their control, mainly on the mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This is why the Ruler’s imps (government) say that you are “under the influence” of alcohol when you are drunk. It’s not the alcohol that influences your mind, as alcohol taints the blood, as it is a poison. It is the dark spirits (ethereal beings) that influence the mind. Liquor stores appropriately sell alcohol in the section called “Spirits.”

Popping the top of a bottle of alcohol allows certain spirits (genie) to come out, like in the story of Aladdin, except the spirit (genie) here in this situation is not benevolent.

In Islam, we discover that genies (called “Jinn”) are either malevolent or benevolent. The Universe is filled with dark and light beings or entities and both or on the scene right now though you can’t see them as they are invisible, but nevertheless they are there on a different frequency that if you tuned in to that particular frequency right now you would see them. The evil spirits are lingering around us waiting for us to get into a fight or confrontation, to become angry and vexed, to have lower chakra sex, to drink alcohol and become drunk; and to consume drugs and fade out of our minds. They love these types of activities as it feed their appetites. It also makes it easier for them to invade our energy field because these activities lower our vibration. Lower activity lowers your aura and drinking alcohol to the point of drunkenness is sure to do such!

Growing up in the hood of South Central Los Angeles, it was all too common to witness males and females getting bent (as we say in the hood, which means “drunk’) and then minutes or hours later, being involved in some drama, usually a physical fist fight.

I witnessed this with my own parents almost every Thursday night. My father got paid every Thursday from his job and my parents had a ritual of first taking the whole family out to dinner (usually at Bob’s Big Boy restaurant or Norm’s restaurant near Century Boulevard and Vermont Avenue), then to my paternal grandmother’s house, followed by the local V.I.P. record store (now defunct) to buy the latest musical albums (The Gap Band, Teena Marie, James Brown, Rick James, etc.), and lastly, to the corner liquor store for some spirits (alcohol) and cracklin’ pork skins.

My parents would be getting along fine, just talking and laughing, eating fried pork skins (pork cracklins), and listening to music. I’d be in the bed and would feel like I’m in paradise due to the good music playing and sound of laughter from my parents. I was always happiest hearing, seeing, and knowing my parents were getting along and having a good time together. Nothing else surpassed this for me. Now of course, the worst times of my childhood was when they were at each other’s throat like wild dogs.

Well, it wouldn’t be too long after all that Thursday night partying, eating swine flesh, and drinking alcohol that my parents would be at each other’s throat, and it would always be my mother who would start the madness. She was borderline alcoholic though she didn’t drink every day. She drank often, mostly on weekends (which sort of began for us on Thursday), but not everyday.

My mother used to remind me of Sue Ellen Ewing from the hit television series, “Dallas”, which just happens to be my all-time favorite television show (thanks to J.R. Ewing, played by actor Larry Hagman).

Sue Ellen would be just fine when she didn’t drink, but once she started to drink, she was a mess, and that was my mother.

Alcohol always released anger in my mother. She would start up by cursing up a storm (usually in response to my father saying something about one of her family members or by just saying something that obviously pissed her off).

The next thing you know she’d be throwing things (ash trays, pots and pans, drinking glasses, the telephone, etc.) and knocking pictures down from the wall. The woman literally physically tore the house apart. Even as a little boy, I could always deduce that my mother only acted like that after she drank alcohol. This impressed upon me at a young age to never drink alcohol; and after sipping on a few of the wines and spirits in my parents’ bar just to experience the taste of this stuff that negatively impacted my family, I never drank alcohol – NO wine, champagne, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, etc. I stayed away from that junk because I saw how it made people react. I saw the harm that followed from drinking this crap.

It’s funny how the government is always talking about regulating people for purposes of “public safety” (or public health and order) but will not ban alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical drugs which together kill two million people per year.

And now that I know why my mother used to become upset and angry after drinking alcohol, I am able to assist and help people heal on the energy level in general, the emotional level in particular.

Some people tell me: ‘Oh Djehuty, one glass of wine won’t hurt!” My retort is: “I’m sure one glass of dog piss wouldn’t hurt either, but over time you’d have some serious health problems because the fact of the matter is, the stuff does not belong in your body.”

Drinking alcohol taxes the liver while it tries to filter alcohol from the blood stream. Again, liquor adversely affects the liver.

Now let’s look at the word “melancholy.” Melancholy is defined as: “Sdaness; depression. 2. Pensive reflection. 1. Gloomy; sad [Greek “melancholia”]

But if we really want to find out the true meaning of the word “melancholy”, we must deduce the word on our own.

“Melan” = black (as in melanin); and “choly” = bile (as in chologogue, a substance such as an herb that stimulates the flow of bile). Hence, melancholy refers to “black bile.” But wait a minute! Bile is green in color! Yes it is, so what’s going on here? Now we’re getting somewhere in our understanding of things.

The word “melancholy” derives from the word “melancholia” which is defined as:

Melancholia. A mental disorder marked by severe depression and apathy

[Late Latin: MELANCHOLY.] American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition, 2001, pg. 529

Melancholia. 1. Extreme sadness; melancholy. 2. Obsolete, the major affective depressive disorder. [Greek “melas”, meaning ‘black’, + “chole”, meaning ‘bile’] See also BIPOLAR DISORDER; DEPRESSION. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1990, pg. 738

Clearly, bipolar disorder, from a medical standpoint or point of view is a form of mental retardation coupled with depression.

The Causation of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a Seventh chakra (Sahasrara) imbalance, usually excessive chakra energy.

“The Seventh (or Crown) chakra is the place of Nirvana – freedom from opposites – and is considered to be the realm where the individual soul and the Universal Soul are One. This is the realm of the total union of Shiva and Shakti, of all opposites and conflicting tendencies within oneself and between self and the cosmos.” Ashoki Bedi, M.D.

From my experience with people with bipolar disorder, all of them had a deep spiritual side, but unfortunately, it was disconnected from reality. Take Larry for example. Though bi-polaric, he was very spiritual but was greatly disconnected from reality because he believed he was Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Larry is Jewish (Caucasian Jew) but considered himself a Messianic Jew (a Jew who believes in and accepts Jesus as the Messiah).

Larry was generally a happy guy, especially when things were going his way and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and could afford his limousines and pretty women. But whenever things didn’t go his way or some type of stressful situation would arise, Larry would lose it. He would freak out! He would run to the bottle and get drunk and would be a complete mess.

“The condition is neurotic when the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic conflict or a traumatic situation or event that is identifiable.” Mosby’s supra.

Larry’s bipolar disorder was neurotic and not psychotic at all, at least from my observations when working with him.

Larry had two stages that I noticed. First, everything would be okay and he would be taking his medication (pharmaceutical drugs). Secondly, after some traumatic situation would occur, he’d fall apart and run to the bottle.

While inebriated, he would be very angry and upset, usually at government. Though drunk, his discourses were always spiritual. It’s strange because in his anger and inebriated state, he spoke a lot of spiritual truths, something a lot of “normal” drunk people don’t do. They may speak truth while drunk (like my mother), but rarely is it spiritual truth.

Bipolar people that I have dealt with over the years have always acknowledged the spiritual. This is how I personally know bipolar disorder is partially a Seventh chakra imbalance because the Seventh Chakra is our spiritual center, our link to the Higher Self, our divine nature.

However, characteristics of the excessive Chakra energy individual include:

Constant sense of frustration

Unrealized power

Psychotic, depressed, or manic-depressive

Frequent migraine headaches


Sexual expression

Sometimes passionate, sometimes distant

Joy Gardner-Gordon, in “Pocket Guide to the Chakras” gives us the following example of an excessive Seventh Chakra energy individual (which actually describes Larry to a T):

“This psychotic man imagines that he is Jesus Christ. He has delusions of grandeur as he attempts to enlist his twelve disciples. He actually does have the ability to see into the future and to read minds, but his skills are sporadic and undisciplined, and he cannot distinguish between his fantasies, or his paranoias, and reality.” Pg. 100

Because the Seventh Chakra influences the brain, nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands, these glands and organs must be addressed when helping the bipolar disorder individual and you CANNOT help the bipolar patient or person with these glands and organs with man-made, chemical, pharmaceutical drugs.

Drugs only exacerbate the problem. The human body is not made of drugs so drugs don’t do it any good. They only toxify and pollute the body. The body identifies everything that it cannot digest as a poison and seeks to expel it from the body. Therefore, only natural things and substances from the earth can be used to help assist the bipolar person or individual, e.g. herbs, essential oils, crystals, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Larry had nearly all of the characteristics of a person with excessive Seventh Chakra energy. Larry always had a constant sense of frustration, he had tremendous unrealized power, he was most certainly depressed and manic-depressive, he got frequent migraine headaches, and he was highly sexually expressive (he was a member of private sex club).

It is very true about bipolar disorder individuals that one day they’ll be very happy, on top of the world, and the next day or a few days later, they’ll be greatly depressed like the world is coming to an end.

We must also look at the karmic and past-life aspect of bipolar individuals.

Bipolar individuals are borderline genius and lunatic.

In addition to working on the brain, nervous system, and endocrine system (pituitary and pineal glands), the natural practitioner must work on the liver of the bipolar individual. The liver stores anger and bipolar individuals have a tendency to become very irate and out of nowhere and at a whim. For many people with mates who are bi-polar, this behavior can be quite frightening.

The natural healer or practitioner should also take into account the karmic aspect of bi-polar. Individuals in this present life dispensation who are experiencing bi-polar disorder chose their Earth vehicles replete with so-called anomalies and so-called defects so as to undergo certain experiences for attainment of certain life experiences for purposes of soul growth; in addition to the fact of paying past life (or lives) karmic debt.

People who experience brain disorders (such as bi-polar disorder) in this life are people who in past lives may have abused their brains, used their minds and/or knowledge for purposes of harm, manipulated the minds of other people, practiced mind control experiments; pulled the levers of guillotines (which cut people’s heads off as a form of capital punishment), levied capital punishment against innocent persons, etc.

There are no victims in the Universe. We create our own realities and fates via past and present life thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This is why I do not feel sorry for anyone regardless of their condition, because I have spiritual understanding, over-standing, and inner-standing and I know that they played a role in creating and manifesting the condition, whatever it may be, whether it was in this lifetime or a previous lifetime. Justice (karma) permeates our Universe and no action goes unnoticed or unreturned. Again, there are no victims, just participants.


HERBS. I recommend using nervine herbs for bi-polar disorder. These herbs include Kava Kava, Passionflower, Lavender flower, Jatamansi, Chamomile, St. Jon’s Wort, Valerian Root, Blue Vervain, Hops, Scullcap, Catnip, and Cinnamon to name a few. These herbs can be taken in tea form, capsule form, or liquid extract form and can be taken throughout the day.

AROMATHERAPY. There are plenty of good essential oils that are effective in the treatment and healing of bi-polar disorder and they include Neroli, Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine, Davana, May Chang, Blood Orange, Linden, Valerian, and Melissa (True). These oils can be inhaled, burned in a diffuser, and/or added to bath water.

CRYSTALS. There are plenty of crystals that can be used in the treatment and healing of bi-polar disorder, but by far, the best stone to use for bi-polar disorder is lepidolite. Lepidolite contains lithium.

Other good stones/crystals for bi-polar include Charoite, Larimar (Dolphin Stone), Sugilite, Amethyst, and Peridot.

The above crystals and stones are ideal for the depression aspect of bi-polar (and can be placed directly on the Ajna chakra located between the eyebrows).

However, for the grounding aspect of bi-polar, I recommend the following crystals and stones: Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Magnetite. These stones can be placed anywhere from the bottom of the feet up to the genital region, or, around the body in a grid)

Crystals can be applied directly to the Sixth chakra (Brow Chakra) while lying down (for about 15-30 minutes) or can be made into an elixir (letting the crystal sit in water for a period of 24 hours, receiving both moon and sun light) and drank (a few dropper-fuls or 1-4 ounces).

Dherbs products that are helpful in cases of bi-polar disorder include: Full Body Detox, Brain Tuner (capsules, tea), CNS (Central Nervous System) formula, Anti-Depression elixir, Bi-polar-Aid elixir; Nerves formula, Anti-depressant inhaler; Anti-Anger elixir, and Nerves tea.

Dherbs services that can also help in cases of bi-polar disorder (for purposes of healing) include Chakra Alignment/Balancing and Hemisphere Synchronization Therapy.

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

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Wedding Dresses

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Over the centuries wedding dresses have changed, but a bride has always wanted her dress to be special, to make her look more beautiful. Centuries ago, only the rich could afford materials of red, purple, and true black; therefore, the wealthy brides would wear dresses of color adorned with jewels. The bride would actually glitter in the sunshine. The dress with flowing sleeves or a train was a status symbol, for the poor had to use material as sparingly as possible. Factory-made materials, with their lower costs, caused the lost of the original meaning of the train of a wedding gown, but it became a tradition over time.

Fashions changed from gowns of color to ones of white, or a variation of white, but since it wasn’t a practical shade for most purposes, blue became another favorite, as did pink. In the 1800’s, gray became a color for wedding gowns for brides of lower classes because the dress became re-used as the bride’s Sunday best. For those who had to wear a dress that would be used for regular occasions after the wedding, many brides would decorate the dress for the special day with temporary decorations.

The “traditional” wedding dress as known today didn’t appear until the 1800’s. By 1800, machine made fabrics and inexpensive muslins made the white dress with a veil the prevailing fashion. By the nineteenth century, a bride wearing her white dress after the wedding was accepted. Re-trimming the dress made it appropriate for many different functions.

As times passed, women’s fashions changed. Hems rose and fell, but the long dress, with or without a train, remained the length preferred by brides. Sleeve lengths and neck styles changed with the current fashions, but mainly remained modest. Full sleeves, tight sleeves, sleeveless styles came and went and came again. Simple designs to elaborate have been found over the years.

Today’s wedding dress fad appears to be the strapless dress, which looks lovely on some figures. Some brides still want styles of the past.

The main consideration for a bride-to-be is what is appropriate for her to wear. Style should match her figure and her financial means, as well as the setting for the ceremony. For example, a larger framed woman should try on the dresses she likes, and then choose one that flatters her. Every bride wants to look lovelier on that special day. If she has $500 to spend on a dress, then she shouldn’t be looking at $5,000 dresses. If the wedding is to be held in a garden, a heavily beaded dress maybe should be avoided.

Appropriateness is the key word as a bride searches for the perfect dress, whether in real life or written into a story. A full length mirror often tells the truth either place.


Easy Ways to Improve Guest Accommodation

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High quality guest accommodation needs to offer a homely welcome to paying guests. Styling guest accommodation is all about understated decorative finishing touches, like colourful cushions, bath mats throw-overs and shams. You don’t need a big budget to make a difference. A few canvases or well framed photography of local beauty spots make interesting focal points for the walls and a talking point over coffee and croissants.

A well equipped kitchen not only makes your self-catering accommodation stand out from the crowd, but careful choice of practical accessories can save you time and money in the long run. A bread bin, storage canisters and breadboard saves your worktops and tables from damage when the guests attack the pain rustique. And an easy wipe-clean chopping board comes into its own when the guests want to slice your home grown beetroot and vine ripened tomatoes for their salad.

You’re not operating a continental budget hotel so why not make the whole dining experience special for your guests? Leather-look placemats and coasters are stylish and practical protecting dining tables and wooden furniture.

A really welcoming touch (one you’re certain to employ already) is a beautifully arranged bunch of flowers and foliage, perhaps from your garden. Or if you cater for winter visitors, cluster attractive evergreens and vibrant berries to make a statement.

You could spend hours wandering about your local shops looking for inspiration and co-ordination. But wouldn’t you rather enjoy a glass of the local vin, vino, vinho or wein and browse for ideas on your laptop? All those essential finishing touches can be delivered to your door in France, Spain, Germany and Portugal for just €5 from Littlewoods Europe. Even the wine glasses…


Broken or Missing Underwires – Can the Bra Be Saved?

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That moment of truth hits hard and fast, and is totally undeniable when that underwire snaps. If if it merely creeps out; making unexpected appearances… or starts to “bite” half-way through the workday; well, we can somehow put off the inevitable for awhile longer… Discovering one morning, that one cup is completely lifeless and has no wire at all; that’s another “instant reckoning” moment.

When the underwire in your bra breaks

It is ALWAYS very frustrating, inconvenient… and aggravating when an underwire breaks. When the bra is an expensive one; it can escalate into a major problem for the wearer. A good bra costs upwards of $150. The only real comparison I can think of, that really measures up to a trauma of a busted under wire; is a tire blow-out. It has to be fixed/replaced, it’s going to be expensive, and it has to be NOW!

One of my clients was driving to work, in heavy traffic, when she felt the snap. After a frustrating morning at work; she phoned me and made the trip across the city during her lunch hour to drop her bra for repair and hurriedly purchase a new one. It’s an expensive and aggravating problem.

Why the underwires snap

When under-wires break; it’s almost always a re-occurring problem for the wearer; and usually not a flaw in the bra’s construction. When this tends to happen on the same side of the bra each time; it’s because of asymmetry of the body. Yes; most of us us have one breast slightly fuller than the other. This explains also, why your bra may constantly pull slightly to one side, buckle in the front centre, or need one shoulder strap to be a bit tighter. The larger the cups; the more stress this imbalance of weight and volume puts on the bra’s wire. Eventually something has to “give”

When the underwire in your bra works its way out

When the underwire works its way out of the casing; it can lead to some interesting moments. If you’re lucky; you’ll notice it before you put it on.

I professor I know was actually giving a lecture when she felt “something strange” going on. She was embarrassed to look down and discover that the wire of her bra had snaked out of it’s casing and was forming a silvery metal crescent across her upper chest. Life is tough enough without moments like that!

Why underwires “work their way out”

When the wire becomes lost; that is, when you pull your laundry out of the washer or dryer and find that your bra is now irregularly-shaped and somewhat flaccid on one side; it could be because of your laundering techniques.

Underwire bras should NEVER be placed in the washer or dryer. That lost wire is likely sitting stuck under the agitator, and will soon manifest it’s malevolence by wrecking havoc on your washer. That’s double damage! The agitating motion of the washer causes the wires to “rock” their way out of your bra. Underwire loss is only one of the nasty things that your bra can succumb to in the washer. Stretched and tangeled straps, hooks twisted and ripped out, and shredded lace, are some of the others.

You’ll be doing yourself; and your pocketbook a big favour by hand-washing your bras.

When your wires “bow out”

For fuller busted ladies, the weight and pressure of the breast on the wires may cause the wire’s shape to bow out. The cups slowly become shallower and wider, compromising the integrity of the bra over time. Replacing the wires can give you that ‘brand new” fit back, and, compared to the expense of a new bra; can be a very cost-effective solution.

In conclusion: Consistent good laundry and care of your new bra is mandatory to maintain its good fit and integrity. Reputable and high-end lingerie retailers will always repeat the mantra “hand-wash, hang-to-dry – no washers or dryers please” and they’ll add “don’t fold the cups into each other” (for molded cups). I would suggest you make the effort to heed your bra-specialist’s (you know, the place where you spent all that money) recommendations for laundry and care Sometimes underwire failure is impossible to predict or prevent.; but a good bra lasts a long time; and replacing that errant underwire is a very viable possibility, if the rest of the bra is in good condition.


Should an Actor Have Facial Hair In His Headshot?

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Facial hair is quite popular at the moment, everything from full beards to designer stubble can commonly be seen on the streets of our cities. However there’s a couple of things to consider when thinking about having facial hair in your headshot, ‘to beard or not to beard’ or is ‘moustache the question’. Headshots are about creating the right first impression and facial hair can occasionally give the wrong type of impression, it can alter people’s perception of you when looking at your headshot. You may not have considered how facial hair can alter people’s perceptions but here’s a few things to think about. There are some significant psychological influences about a man with a beard against a clean shaven man. More often than not a beard will make a man look older. For instance, adolescent boys don’t need psychologists to tell them that growing some stubble could help them look more mature, but it also turns out the ageing effects of a beard don’t disappear as you get older. A group of men and women were asked do guess the ages of men with beards and men without them -and it was found that both men and women assumed the bearded men were “significantly” older than they actually were. Not good when your playing age is late thirties and your actual age is early twenties.

So there’s a pretty good reason why wearing a beard can effect your chances of being cast, and here’s another.

It’s worth considering is how a man with a beard can give the impression of being more aggressive than a clean shaven man. In a 2008 study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, British psychologists at Northumbria University manipulated men’s facial hair in photographs, giving them five degrees of beard- from clean-shaven to hairy. They then had 60 women rate them on various attributes-and found that the men with full beards scored highest for perceptions of aggressiveness as well as masculinity. The good thing noted here was the perception of masculinity in a man wearing a beard. In a 2012 study written up in the journal Behavioral Ecology, men were photographed bearded and clean-shaven while making neutral, happy, or angry expressions. The men were of a mean age of 23, so all fairly young and the bearded men were judged to be significantly more aggressive than their clean-shaven counterparts. I can guess that most guys who sport beards aren’t particularly aggressive but it’s also a fair bet that they hadn’t ever considered this.

So there’s an extra reason not to have a beard in a headshot you don’t want to be perceived as being more aggressive than you actually are. The term beard can be somewhat of a mis-description as there are many types of facial hair to be seen on the streets at the moment from thick beard to a bit of designer stubble (I am talking about thick, full beards here),

OK, let’s back up a little bit and see how a hairy face effects you and your headshot, one thing that is definite is that facial hair will limit the amount of roles you would be cast for as not all character roles are suitable for wearing a beard.

Let’s deal with the full beard first, it’s generally a lifestyle choice although sometimes it can be fashionable too, as in the case of the “trucker look” that’s been quite popular recently. However if you are the sort of guy who sports a full “Wild man of the mountain” beard then it is clearly your look, it’s obviously taken quite some time and a fair bit of effort to grow so it’s unlikely that you’re going to shave it off for a photo shoot. You may consider going clean shaven for a good role should you get it, but you’ll be stuck in that ‘Catch 22’ situation of not wanting to shave it off after spending the time to grow your beard whilst not being suitable to audition with your beard. It’s a tricky one.

So in this case having a headshot done wearing a full beard would be the right choice as this is how you would expect time to turn up at an audition, there’s unlikely to be a drastic change in the way he looks between having his headshot done and turning up for an audition.

On the other hand there are lots of people who wear designer stubble on a regular basis. This type of facial hair often varies in length from a light or short growth to a stylish, shapely full beard that are worn as fashion statements as opposed to lifestyle choices such as the ‘Grizzly Adams’ look. In this case I always suggest to my clients that they have some of their headshots taken wearing facial hair, but that they also take the time to shave during the session so that they can have a clean shaven look too.

From a Casting Directors point of view, decisions about suitability and whether you have the right look they have in mind for the character they are casting for are important. If you are a well-known actor with a good body of work behind you it’s less of an issue as Casting Directors know your look and have a certain amount of flexibility. On the other hand if you are less well established or are just starting out in your acting career then it’s important that there are no barriers put in the way of fitting the Casting Directors idea for the role.

So what does it boil down to in the end? Know your castability, know your look, don’t limit your options and be flexible.


Louis Vuitton Bags – What’s So Great About Them?

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So you’ve wanted to get yourself that Louis Vuitton bag but are not sure if you really ought to? I know, they don’t come cheap and you want to make sure that your money is well spent. Well, I’ll walk you through why you must get yourself a Vuitton – it’s an investment of a lifetime. Here we go:

1. In bag world, nothing beats Vuitton when it comes to quality. There are many other great designers out there who make great quality bags, but Vuitton is top of the range. And has been for decades.

2. Vuitton bags are easy to recognize because of their unique shape. They have a solid appearance and have firm curves and tend to be able to stand by themselves. This partly comes from the design and also from the tough material they are made of. So if you’re looking for a bag that’s not floppy, Vuitton is the best bet.

3. Vuitton bags come in great variety. There are shoulder bags, hand bags, waist bags, you name it, and they have it. It means you can have a whole set of Vuittons to suit different occasions.

4. Vuitton makes bags for both men and women – not many designers do that. So if you’re looking for a special bag for your man, a Vuitton is a sure solution. They make great shoulder bags as well as grip bags and will make your man look like he has great fashion sense.

5. They have unisex bags as well. So guess what, you can buy a single bag that both you and your significant other can get to enjoy depending on whose turn it is..

6. They last for years. Vuitton as a label has been around for decades and that’s because the brand has not failed its customers. If you buy a Vuitton, you can expect to have it around for the next ten years at least. Isn’t that worth something? You may be wondering, what if it goes out of fashion? Well, Vuittons are not fad bags. They are made to be stylish and chic and stand the test of changing fashion. So don’t worry, you can change your wardrobe but your Vuitton will faithfully stand by your side.

7. More on durability: they are both water proof and fire proof. This comes from the combination of materials that are used to create them – canvas for waterproofing and PVC for fireproofing. That’s not a quality you’ll find in many goods, let alone bags.

8. All Vuittons are handmade. This is actually a company policy, so that they can control the number of bags that get into the market. In fact, did you know that you can only buy one bag of one type of Vuitton per client? That tells you about quality as well as the designer’s interest in making sure that his clients only get the best.

You may be wondering about Vuitton replicas by now. They are easy to spot. Vuitton bags have a unique smell because of the type of leather that is used. If you’re not a leather smelling expert, check the lining. It’s a mixture of canvas and cloth and the fabric grain is visible. The price will also tell you – Vuittons don’t come cheap, so if someone is offering you a cheap one, know straight away that it’s a fake.

Need I tell you more about Vuittons? You deserve to get yourself something this good. Get one today. How? Check our site to get all the information.


Sir Tom Stoppard, the Early Plays – Dogg’s Our Pet

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Sir Tom Stoppard, the early plays.

8. Dogg’s Our Pet

Before looking at one of Sir Tom Stoppard’s major plays, Travesties (1974), it is worth glancing at his short play Dogg’s Our Pet (1971) (Revived to support Cahoots Macbeth 1979) in which the basic idea of Travesties is illustrated. Although a very short and simple play Dogg’s Our Pet is a useful landmark in the evolution of Stoppard’s ideas about language. His interest in the way different forms of language have implicit meanings of their own, distinct from their content, was evident in earlier works, for example, the contrast between poetry and the speaking clock in If You’re Glad I’ll be Frank (1966), and the contrast between Shakespearean and modern language in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (1966). In these cases the different languages reflected different ‘mentalities’ or different approaches to life, and this is the starting point for Travesties. At the same time Stoppard has an interest in the philosophy of the relationship between language and meaning, which is the subject matter of Dogg’s Our Pet, indicated, for example, by this speech of George’s from Jumpers (1972):

‘This confusion, which indicates only that language is an approximation of meaning, and not a logical symbolism for it.’ (p.24.)

This is the kind of problem Wittgenstein deals with in the first part of his Philosophical Investigations, and Dogg’s Our Pet is virtually a dramatisation of the opening paragraph of Philosophical Investigations.

Wittgenstein starts by distinguishing between the meaning of a word, and the way a word is used. One of the examples he uses to illustrate his theory is a builder who is constructing a platform and calls out to his mate, “brick”, “block”, “plank” etc. Stoppard lifts this example straight out of Wittgenstein and puts it on stage. The builder is working at a school, his assistant being one of the schoolboys who have a private language of their own. (The boys are public school types, and the builder is working class, so they are people who ‘do not speak the same language in more ways than one. This social theme is not developed in this play, but is taken up again and expanded in Professional Foul).

Sometimes when the builder calls out, “plank”, “brick” etc. the appropriate items are thrown to him, but sometimes an unexpected item is thrown. It is evident that the boys have the same words in their vocabulary, but they use them in a different way. Hayman (R. Hayman: Tom Stoppard: Heinemann) provides a translation: Plank = Here, Slab = Ready, Cube = Thank you etc.

The play is essentially an entertaining puzzle to stimulate the audience into thought about the way we use language. But it also has a significant meaning in that the boys and the builder, working together, do actually manage to construct a platform. Hence although each has a language of his own and is therefore, to an extent, living in a world of his own, their languages and worlds overlap enough for them to communicate and work in an intermediary ‘real world’. This is the central concept for understanding Stoppard’s major play Travesties.

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Horrific Stories of The Infamous Ouija Board

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Thanks to Parker Brothers(game company), many young people have dabbled in the paranormal

and have experienced frightening results. Remember being a teenager and the mention of the

Ouija board provoked your curiosity. There is not much talk about the Ouija board today, but

I will never forget the stories of sheer terror, my friends shared with me as a result of using the

infamous Ouija board. Stories I have kept to myself, until now are revealed in this creepy

dark article.

I was watching Unexplained Mysteries late one night and the narrator was talking about the

movie, “The Entity”. The Entity(1981 horror movie) is a movie about paranormal phenomenon,

where alleged victim Carla Moran(fictional character) was attacked by a number of unseen forces.

The Unexplained Mysteries show delved into what took place in the home of this woman, who

claimed she was being attacked by mad crazed ghosts. Pictures were shown on the show where

spherical orbs were flying around the room and I noticed something in the pictures, that was not

discussed on the show!

Normally, Unexplained Mysteries does not miss a detail as crucial to a case, as this one! I am very

skeptical about these shows, but yet the pictures had some convincing photography. What caught

my eye and you could barely see the image in the bottom of the picture, was a Ouija board!

You actually see a part of the board in the photograph! How in the world could this slip the eyes

of the staff at Unexplained Mysteries! I’ve studied photographs of so-called paranormal phenomenon

and the ghostly pictures on the show, were the best I have seen yet.

The paranormal investigators were focused on the spherical orbs darting around the room, as the

woman held the deadly Ouija board on her lap. Fortunately, they did show a picture of the woman

with a deadly Ouija board, that proved she was not just laying around in bed and then being attacked

by angry ghosts. This woman was playing with fire and bringing paranormal investigators in to see

some out of this world ghostly activity.

I think it is hilarious for people to say there is violent paranormal activity in their house and overlook

the fact, they were reaching out to the dead through a Ouija board! Even in the movie “The Exorcist”,

a young girl is using a Ouija board and her mother never attributes an entity attacking her daughter,

as a result of playing with the Ouija board. The response to such ghostly attacks is cute little innocent

Regan(Exorcist girl) was sensitive to the spirit realm.

The lady who was photographed with orbs flying around the room was looked at, as paranormally

sensitive to the unseen. What makes my head spin with green pea soup vomiting from my earthly

soul, is no one has brought up the possibilities of the Ouija board opening doors to such violent

ghostly chaos. In the above instances of violent insane paranormal activity, no one ever mentions

or associates the Ouija board as being apart of the horrific equation.

I will never forget my relative Lance sharing with me his experience with a Ouija board. He stated that he

got in touch with a spirit, who was in hell and he use to be an Egyptian king. Another friend said he tried

to get rid of his Ouija board and it kept showing up in his bed room. Late one night, he took the Ouija

board and built a roaring fire in his backyard. He was told the only way to be rid of the board, was to burn

it! He threw the Ouija board into the fire and he said blood-curdling screams came forth from the board, as it was burning. Keep in mind, I was told all of these stories in the mid-1980’s when most of my

friends were using Ouija boards.

One girl was having a sleep over with a friend and they pulled out the Ouija board for some cheap thrills. The girls asked where this spirit was, they were conversing with and were stunned by the answer! The spirit told the girls it was in the front yard up in a tree with white hair and bright red eyes. The girls almost had a heart attack and they did not look out the window late at night to verify the spirit’s statement. This story was well-known throughout my high school back then and I was friends with one of the girls who lived in the house, but never questioned her about this creepy night with the Ouija board. As far as I know, they never touched the ouija board again!

My friend Bryan told me the scariest Ouija board story of them all! Bryan was addicted to the Ouija board and he tried to stop using it by hiding it in his closet. He said a violent force was speaking to him and telling him to bring the board out of the closet. He said this voice tormented him everyday and would not leave him alone. Being threatened by the board he would not speak any further about the subject. I do not know how he got rid of it or how he is doing mentally today. I have heard nothing but creepy and horrific stories about the Ouija board, which makes me believe there may be some truth to these eerie Ouija board stories.