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The Difference Between A Model And A Beauty Queen

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is a big difference between beauty and modeling contests. Children of the parade are brought up believing that the focus is all about them; How are, what they can do and how to come across as an individual. You are taught to sell themselves. Unfortunately, in the real fashion world, it’s all about the product and sell the product. Although fashion and catwalk models need to have certain skills and specific aesthetic qualities, its main objective is to make a product look good, excite the customer and make you want to buy.

contest moms are known to be extremely competitive. Everyone wants to be at the top of the game, learn more about the industry, gaining the majority of the titles and crowns and have more beautiful, talented, loving child world peace in the whole world. But what these mothers do not realize is that their children are selling false hopes when they promise them that, one day, all final trials, dance classes, lessons in American history, and hair pulling will be worth. This is not the case. Many young parade princesses dreams are crushed when they discover all the years of intense training; rhythmically jump down the walkway, smiling at all the bared teeth and adorable banks your hair such as wink and flirt with the public, has made molding them in exactly what a fashion Agency does not seek in a model of Haute Couture.

Gets an enormous amount of time, effort and money in beauty pageants. A lot of moms parade will hire pageant coaches and trainers of dance, both at a great cost. Then will spend a fortune on equipment for each an of the different rounds. Elaborated, custom-made ball gowns, one of a type of swimsuit, costumes, props and stage for the talent show accessories, dresses etc. of the coronation. Then is the foot of height, 30-inch-long pieces of hair, custom molded dental flippers to hide any baby teeth / imperfect, many pairs of shoes with embedded diamonds, false eyelashes, jar after jar and tube after tube of bright pink blusher, foundation stage thick, lipstick and gloss. This is used to highlight features of the Princess parade, the body and the overall image and make look so unrealistic as possible, all in the hope of being crowned Queen of the parade.

fashion designers will also invest an enormous amount of time, effort and money in a fashion for clothes show. This money will be spent on lighting, sound engineers, stage, models, stylists and artists stand hair and makeup, all oriented to ensure that your clothing attracts the audience of buyers and celebrities.

in contrast to the girls of the parade, fashion models don’t try to steal the show. The point of a fashion show is to sell clothes, not people. If the model blew kisses, dances around the stage like a fairy, distracting the audience and did not look good dress, designer does not sell his clothing and therefore does not have a business. For this reason girls parade is difficult to make the transition from the Queen of beauty at the super model.

as well, if you’re a Queen’s contest, hoping to one day make it as a fashion model, you need to make sure that you understand the difference between the two. If you like the role, you can walk on stage without a face full of paint and hair style taller than a toddler, you’ll have to accept that the world of modeling is not just for you.


Jamie Nelson, Talented Photographer

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was able to catch an interview with Jamie Nelson photographer published in popular magazines Zink, Linie De Luxe, Plaza, and highlights. His work is also shown in galleries around the world.

was absolutely in love with your photos the first time I looked over them.

uses graphics and color dared out really pop to the Viewer. Viva is a great word to describe his art and art does much more than fashion, is the type of photos that hang on a wall to enjoy every day.

his work is very different as quoted by anti-mag “, I dare say it is pushing the envelope in this genre of photography and is doing very well.” Another great article on

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I.

what are your inspirations?

Jamie: never have been very inspired by other photographers. I have always inspired them by life experiences and my deep urges to share my passion and my vision with people.

inspired me throughout the day of the session when it brings the entire creative team to create.

I am inspired by the chaos of the days of shooting and the beauty of the final result which is created by various artists.

when it does that it wanted to make what you’re currently doing and when did begin?

Jamie: I was in my last year of high school, to ask Stanford program pre-med.

has been, thank God it did not happen!

I took an art class and fell in love with photography and it completely changed my address.

what their favorite art articles?

Jamie: I like the bold and colorful clothing that makes a graphic statement and transforms the model.

However, lately I have obsessed with shooting beauty and cosmetics.

in the same vein, I am inspired by bold and colourful make-up that creates graphics statements in the model and transforms him.

are you favorite products or equipment used to create your art?

Jamie: actually I don’t like emphasizing the importance the team.

has never been about what kind of equipment they use.

always was the poor guy in the school with the junkiest camera.

everyone likes this question, but really, there is no special magic team in my opinion.

is a part of any artist communities online or offline?

Jamie: my favorite online lately community.

there are some truly amazing talents there.

do you have any followers who have photographed?

Jamie: I like shooting with taxidermy animals for any reason.

was a stage that crossed for a while.

have been frozen in time with a last movement and action in life.

remain quiet, however, in bold. It seems to be a general metaphor for my images.

I would like that my models and pictures to hold the same tranquility and timelessness.

what issues you have in your art?

Jamie: work tends to be bold – either colors or colorless, there is always an element of boldness.

each image is bright and perfect, even if the content is rough, raw or grungy.

took much of vintage aesthetic in each image, a juxtaposition of several eras of time that inspire me.

do you see moving in any new direction?

Jamie: I am moving quickly in the commercial field.

after obtaining success in advertising campaigns and major magazines, I would love to be able to settle a bit and focus on returning in the direction of fine arts.

are where people can view and or purchase your work?

Jamie: my work is usually offered in magazines internationally distributed in Barnes & Noble and border. Although some are dark foreign magazines that can be hard to find.

I am also doing more local and international art exhibitions. The most common will be one in Rome in May.

which experience or training has helped to grow as an artist?

Jamie: there are so many elements that have helped my growth over the years.

the school was very important to develop the technical aspect of my photography.

have one solid team of other creatives around me as it really facilitated the artistic vision and perfect flow.

pull constantly and practicing always teaches me something new.

when outbreaks go horribly wrong, I love and me excited-which always learn so much from each!

go to school or take classes to start?

Jamie: Yes, I went to Brooks Institute of Photography of CA for 4 years.

also took an art class in high school, which initially aroused my interest in photography.

what advice would give you to beginner photographers?

Jamie: develop your own style. Remain faithful to him. Try to bring your work to as many people as possible.

be persistent. Be willing to make sacrifices for what you want to


Areas of Photography Based on Subjects

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are many different areas of photography based on their topics. Here are some of the different types of photography: nature photography

nature photography captures images of bliss and beauty of nature. Includes landscape photography which exhibits the beauty of a place and its forms as deserts, mountains and waterfalls even. It is also wildlife photography that takes images of animals and their habitats. This type of photography requires adaptability to nature and knowledge of the animals. This can be dangerous if not know how react or treat to those animals and walk in the desert of the forest and the mountains. Underwater photography

underwater photography can be a separate type but is still related to nature photography. It focuses on the attraction and the splendour of marine life and the wonders of the submarine. Topics of interest under water are fish, corals and other terrifying creatures like sharks. Photography

is a type that shows images of places, beautiful views and even the people of travel. It captures the culture of a place and its customs and traditions. This can be seen especially in brochures and its objective is to promote the location for tourists.

action photography takes pictures of activities that involve action such as sports, activities, adventure and daring feats. It is important in this type of photography that the photographer can anticipate when it is best to take photos, you must be willing to venture into this search for risk-taking and must be quick to react to take pictures. Documentary photography

this type of photography is to take images would be part of the story. It captures a period of time and its political or social situation and events. This may also include photojournalism, where journalists are not allowed to make adjustments to the images to not alter the real image of an event or scene and is thus presented nothing more than facts.

fashion photography photography
fashion is taking pictures of models while putting emphasis on clothes and accessories. You can also associate in celebrity photography because celebrities are set optimally.

Glamour photography
glamour photography refers to the model or theme become more attractive and glamorous appearance. It can also be connected with the portrait photography, whose objective is to capture the best image and personality of the subject.

a type of candida photography
where the themes are spontaneous and sometimes.


9 Shopping Streets of London for Photography Addicts

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imagine your trip to one of the busy streets of London, where Londoners and tourists are busy shopping and are engaged in the capture of the moments where they are enjoying shopping. London is a lively city with several streets. Every street has its own history and distinct identity, especially the shopping streets are pretty bizarre with eccentric themes that can Captivate to capture feelings in the Chamber and the reaction of the people. Take a tutorial for the streets of London and spend several hours or a whole day in the capture of the excitement of the store or alcoholics and window shoppers.

here we have listed the names of the shopping streets of London few who can give countless moments and stories to embrace in your camera.

  1. Oxford Street: this is the street more popular of London to go of shopping with more than 300 stores, shops of point of reference and design of communication. If you’re a true shop-o-holic, you can’t go without a plethora of overflow bags. And if you’re a street photographer or a traveler who has a kind of instinct of catchment bustling streets, then Oxford Street has a lot of famous department stores, fashion shop, and the veteran and legendary Selfridges. You can also walk to the side streets to capture some of the people activities.
  2. regent Street and Jermyn Street: away from the bustling crowd, Regent Street show elegance with fashion’s oldest and most famous shops in the city. The classic Street is the best for fashion shopping with a number of mid-range fashion stores. It can be stylish and elegant appearance of the street and people wandering around in the House. Don’t forget to move your feet to Jermyn Street, known for its British Antique and men’s clothing stores.
  3. Bond Street and Mayfair: If you want to capture the commercial people in high-profile and celebrity madness, then step your legs towards Bond Street and Mayfair. You can also luxury window shopping and adjust the mannequins with designer clothes and people making windows and commercial real. Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. they are here to make your exclusive photographs.
  4. Camden: you can find a lot of stories and moments to share through your camera. Gothic fashion and punk clothes can give the camera countless moments to capture something strange. Tattoos and piercing in Camden High Street stores can give the exhibition go little weird photography Street . Well, do not forget to zoom camera in the Camden Lock Market.
  5. notting Hill: this street gives you a lot of things to give a great touch with his addiction to photography. Clothing stores extravagant vintage, antique articles and organic food is the best place to spend the day to capture different views of the street, stories and feelings of people.
  6. King Road: -array of shops, boutiques and brands of high-street to a variety of restaurants and cafes-todos are available in the way of the King. Even its enthusiast can find the best example of Interior design shops that double to take the picture.
  7. Carnaby Street: one of the most ancient streets between Oxford and Regent Street, which is known for its series of culture and fashion, is good to enhance your photography experience. This market street is a group of 13 streets with about 150 brands, 50 restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, shops and boutiques. You can capture the chaotic expressions of people wandering from here for shopping and appointments. You can also get the opportunity to click on still images of shopping events and live music shows.
  8. Knightsbridge: brands, boutiques, famous department stores – this street is full of amazing shops and brilliant elite. You can find people who always want to keep the chain of fashion on the street shopping in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and several other large fashion shops, boutiques and street fashion brands. Therefore, you can give a lot of times to increase the count of photos in Knightsbridge.
  9. Covent Garden: If you want to go a bit peculiar, then you should walk through the shopping street of Covent Garden. Here, you can find people buying extravagant gifts, rare candy, cosmetics, funky and shoes and last urban streetwear. Artistic beauty can be explored through art and craft shops in Covent Garden.