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The History of Wigs and Hairpieces

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a along history, wig, a made man head covered hair real or artificial, has come and gone again and fashion. Men and women have used wigs from earliest recorded times. Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and wore wigs as a way to protect them from the Sun. So wigs have really existed since thousands of years ago.

for centuries, wigs have varied from elaborate styles to much smaller variations, including the use of hairpieces and false locks and braids. As for today, people basically uses his own hair, reserving the use of wigs to films, parties, or sometimes following chemotherapy. However, it is important to note that used wigs was not a trend in the fashion world. Wigs often serve practical purposes as a protection against the cold or rain.

take a look back in history, it is known that different styles of wigs have also played an important role in fashion. Depending on the season, wigs were frequently used as a sign of wealth, or were related to a particular profession. During times of war, wigs were used even to intimidate the enemy.

under the reign of the French King, Louis XIII, who lost her hair as a young man, the wig “Along the” for men became a vital part of each garment. The most exquisite wigs came from the French, whose customs were popular between the world of fashion. In the decades that followed, the more great the time, the eccentric more watched the wigs. Finally, with the outbreak of the French Revolution of fashion and wigs it loses importance. It was not until 1820 that wigs became popular again.

eventually the wigs come in and out of fashion, if the use of wigs were for personal adornment, as a symbol of social status, profession or political office, or for religious purposes. Before the days of the production of synthetic hair, wigs were normally made of human or animal hair. Wigs and hairpieces came again to fashion in the 1960’s, and soon shot up the demand for the product. The researchers worked to develop a synthetic hair wig market quality.

today manufacturers of wig and hairpiece enjoy a lucrative market of the wig. Keep up with the new styles and trends of the market, easy care today, lightweight wigs offer consumers the versatility of the changes quickly and easily. Wigs are not used as a status symbol, are often used for fun to complement a costume that you may use one. And, of course, there are some unconventional people who enjoy changing their hairstyles on a regular basis and found that using wigs is the easiest way to do it. Wigs have been around for centuries, and the years trends have changed. One thing is certain; Wigs will be around for a long time to come.


Want to Have Some Sexy Photos Taken to Give to Your Man? How to Find the Right Photographer For You

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want to give your man some pictures sexy yourself? Well, Boudoir photography is called, and is the most intimate and romantic gift that can give to the man.

there are times of the year, as the day of Valentine’s day, Christmas and anniversaries when women often think it would be good to give your partner a photo sexy or two herself. Unfortunately, photographers who do this as a specialty are few and far between. Many who advertise as an afterthought (it is not their specialty) do not do justice to the female form and really do not understand the subtleties of help a woman relax for the camera while seated in your pretty under things. Photographing weddings and babies is far from understanding how arise and women to make look as a model for the centerfold of light.

the following will help you to find the photographer right for you.

do your research. have long been the photographer in the business? Not only what it says in its advertising. A Google search for your name of the study – that should literally come up with page after page of search results. If he or she has been in business for say 10 years or more, should be a lot of search results only to write in his name. If you can’t find much about them, chances are that they have not been around long.

your comfort. in a session like this, matters very little more than your comfort. If you are uncomfortable with the situation or the photographer, who is shown in his expression. If you’re restless, your photos do not go almost as well as if you were relaxed and confident. Absolutely talk with your photographer before the session. If not can you look into the eyes or speaking with confidence to answer your questions, I appreciate your time and move on to the next photographer. If at any time the conversation feels ‘creeped out’ or strange, is a sign that you don’t have the right photographer. Your comfort with it is of utmost importance.

“do I bring a friend along?” the answer to this question is a double-edged sword. Some women like to bring a friend with them for moral support, or to help them feel more relaxed. If you feel that you need to bring a friend for protection, you have chosen the bad photographer. The reason that I say that it is a double-edged sword is because it turns out that trying to be sexy for the camera it is usually easier against a stranger without prejudice of what is in front of your best friend. Many end up regretting bring a friend, because they end up feeling strange perform against them. Or, at times, have vertigo and already can not achieve the look sexy and mysterious that they were waiting for. This happens in my Studio with more than half of the women who photograph that bring a friend with them.

know in advance what you are getting for your money. by this point in his life should probably understand that the most expensive is not always the best, but at the same time the cheapest is usually the cheapest for a reason. They are probably the least qualified for the job. I can’t go to quote specific prices that vary from city in city, State, and the number of years in the business. I can tell you in the majority of cases that can be seen to invest at least $400 – $600 for a photography package modest boudoir. Many studies of high-end experienced can charge more, but also offer some unique products such as canvas wall portraits and coffee table books. As a point of reference, in my study, the average customer can see to invest around $800.

are included retouching? some photographers charge more for it, some do not. I think that the price you pay always should include charges of retouching. You have to retouch. Don’t even think for one minute that makeup, lighting and that takes care of everything. Not and never will be. Not when there is so much skin showing. Baby pictures are cute with rolls of fat, are not boudoir photos. You stretch, shaving bumps, hair out of place and if defects occur and most of the time the only way to correct it is with digital retouching. If you think the ladies on the covers of magazines, models and celebrities, and playboy centerfolds to come directly from the camera looking like that, then you have another thing coming. I know I do that if you were actually selling would have been out of business long ago. Retouching made to increase their assets and subtract the liabilities. Trust me, you’ll have to tweak.

testimonies. especially when you don’t know the photographer in advance, make sure that you have some sort of list of customers who are happy with what you have done for them. A photo of the person, your full name, city and State will be the most credible witness. Look for phrases like “I can’t believe how comfortable was” “I was so relaxed, and the pictures came out very well.” Testimonies of few words and only the initials rather than the full name of the person most likely is that it comprises, or the photographer did not have permission to quote that person. I think that of the photographer web site should be cradle filled with testimonials from happy customers.

the warranty. very little in life is guaranteed. But a photographer who guarantee their work produces a product that he is proud to support. Any world-class photographer offers a satisfaction guarantee be sure that you will be happy or to retake photos, or your money back. Written warranty means this photographer is convinced in not only his or her skills, but also that they leave happy with the photos had created. Always ask about your warranty.

samples of their work. it should go without saying. Simply must like what they have done for other clients. Look for signs in your Web of poses and styles of lighting that you like. Also you must find their body type women in the gallery. A boudoir photographer good should be able to flatter all kinds of short height, slim body to. I have been told often that I wish that could have been larger in his gallery girls.” However, the truth is that I have several ladies in about 200 pounds in my Gallery. It is the posing and lighting makes them look smaller. That’s my job! Every woman deserves to look and feel like $ 1 million!

some guidelines above should help you considerably in search and ultimately be happy with your boudoir photography. Most of these points can be used to find any service, not just photographers boudoir. Now, if you’re ready, go get those sexy photos!


Trainspotting Analysis

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adaptation of the novel by Irvine Welsh and done by the team of Tomb bit deep writer John Hedge, the producer Andrew Macdonald and director Danny Boyle, who gives us characters and moments that are unforgettable. Ewan McGregor plays Renton, addicted to the heroin on and off that you can decide whether you want to clean or return in the company of his friends from loser in Edinburgh working class and later in London. The film was produced in 1996.

Trainspotting actually refers to a session of track that is left in the veins after shooting heroin or dark linear brand. The first thing is that heroin leading users along his arms and inject up and down in the main vein. “Station to station”, he is called. For addicts, everything narrows down to a goal of getting drugs. “Which” is as well, obsessively taking down the numbers of trains.

the five main actors in this film are all males and with a habit of deadly drugs. Trainspotting can be classified into four different types of film including genre: drama, comedy, crime and drug culture. “Trainspotting” is classified as drama it is a history of severe due to the habit of the drug and several scenes showing the real lives of addicts and the graphic images of injecting heroin. On the other hand, one can classify as comedy especially when Spud is going to interview high speed and other funny moments that exist to lighten the seriousness of the film. This can be classified as black humor. Surely Trainspotting can also out under the genre of crime culture and because of the story and the characters in this film gives us a very vivid image and real of a heroine every day routine. of the addicted ‘ life choose…’ CITES more famous from the film means much. The portrayed in Trainspotting are those who need to understand the choice of life; they are what this phrase was written for and who are these people who live a life less ordinary? They are addicts in Scotland, life that is synchronized to get what they need. Three of them, the heroine is its mode of addiction, another passivity and the last attack. They are a crazy Quintet, urinating far lives that perhaps it could amount to something.

in the beginning as we introduced our humble Narrator Renton (McGregor). We can see that it is on a road to nowhere, steal CDs a store hoping to make some money to pay for the next hit. Your home is the apartment of a drug dealer (Mother Superior) where issued a regular plate of needle, spoon, lighter and heroin next to his best companions of sick child (Miller) and Spud (Bremner). They are as annoying as he is, even though Spud is powerless in their addiction while ill child is there to compare sizes metaphorical.

films about drug addiction certainly are nothing new, but this movie makes everything different, almost as if it was the first film to address the issue. Trainspotting is brave and often hilarious; It is dark, smart and stubborn. It is one of the best ‘films of drugs’, never made it; It is without doubt the best film to come out of the United Kingdom

Ewan McGregor plays the main character; Mark Renton. Introduces the film Trainspotting with a very energetic scene, accompanied by previous scene ‘ Lust for Life’ Iggy Pop, along with sarcastic narration of Renton, who rejects our weak, mechanical existence in favor of the joys of heroin. Iggy pop is hero of Renton. It even has a poster of him in his room. When you go clubbing, we noticed that his heroin habit has been going on for a long time as it doesn’t recognize any of the new songs at the club. Diane makes you notice this, and Renton starts to realize that heroin has taken much of his life.

“persons associated with misery, despair and death, that should not be ignored. But what they forget is the pleasure to do so, otherwise not what “is undoubtedly appalled by society and the materialistic pleasures offers. Later compares heroin: ‘imagine the best orgasm that I had never and multiply by 1 thousand and you’re not there’ but after a few minutes in the film decides to quit heroin. Viewers may conclude that it is time to move forward in life, but he couldn’t live life without heroin as we see through the film several trials failed to stop their habit

Renton has a serious drug habit and it should be kept because of its unemployment is by thefts and petty theft. Methadone, had its ‘last hit’ and this gave rise to an overdose. This simply shows an effort to avoid being compliant. In fact, it is this particular attitude that possibly explains the heroin’s in Renton. Says that “injecting you vitamin C if you did illegal”

even though he gets started his heroin addiction and begins a new life in London, they are not easy to get rid of their old circle of friends and Renton ends up involved in a drug deal and sold 4 kilos of heroin with his ‘so-called’ friends. Towards the end of the film, he betrays to the others by escape with the money. This shows that the spectators that decided to ‘ opt by the life ‘, be ‘ as us ‘, that is a target doubtful; the qualities of which the film questions the joint Renton


is dreamy, strong, problems and quiet, apparently all to the same time, and never know where are with it, as he never knows where get same. Is a representation discreet’s character essentially rootless-all a one magnetic.

Johnny Lee Miller plays the role of sick boy who is portrayed as a cute boy who has a habit of talking nonsense and bomb fellow with questions and answers about Sean Connery. He is a womanizer wannabe of James Bond, which is very intelligent. Sick child is which seems least affected by his heroin habit. In fact, when Renton tries to quit heroin, sick child does the same just to spite to him in the film Trainspotting-sick boy is who trivializes heroin and seems to have no problems with their addiction to the opposite of the rest of the crew.

“the film only affects the question of to what extent his character is genuine or social camouflage”. Behavior of the sick child at the end of the film shows how the death of your baby is affected him and made him more likely crime. Begins to try drugs, pimping and becomes an all around with. Renton notes when the child sick child passed away, something inside Sickboy must have died and never returned.

later in the film, Renton escapes to London to start a new life, while the sick child and the rest of his friends remain in the Scottish capital. When he unexpectedly visits Renton, immediately sells Renton television without consent and he also offers to sell Renton passport. Sickboy is so busy with his new criminal career that he didn’t even bother to think about feelings of Renton. “He becomes obsessed with the development of useful for that elusive ‘big thing’ contacts and sticks a toe in offering any” becomes a manipulative pimp and a pusher of drugs at every opportunity and not hesitate to take advantage of and manipulate any person for the purpose of development. Throughout this ordeal to sick boy remains as useless as always.

Tommy, played by Kevin McKidd, contrasts strongly with the other main characters. He is portrayed as athletic, find pleasure in the field, weight lifting and watching football instead of making use of the drug. As the film progresses, there is a drastic change in Tommy, making it the worst of all with a decline in “fast and deadly”.

Tommy relationship with his girlfriend Lizzie does not seem to be progressing well. The tension of finding your home sex movie missing because “borrowed” Renton is the final straw for Lizzie and breaks the relationship. When their efforts to amend their relationship, Tommy falls into a depression and resorts to drugs. Unfortunately enough (black comedy), it is Lizzie, the same person who loves Tommy causing his death. With the increased use of heroin, Tommy contacts HIV. Your apartment at the beginning and becomes dirty. She sees its final attempt to regain Lizzie get a kitten, which she refuses. Tommy is dead due to infection from cat feces. This has a social connotation as the HIV and AIDS due to heroin abuse was rising and at its peak in 1996.

Clarke considers that you history of Eastern character helps to create an ethical perspective in this film, giving the audience something to think about. Anyone can be a victim to drug abuse, even young people considered to be ‘good’. Clark said that Tommy presented as free of drugs in the movie which makes use of amphetamines in the novel by Irvine Welsh. This could be credited to the fact that certain individuals who prefer to watch the movie instead of reading the book as well the message has to be more severe through. The same can be said behind the scenes of Tommy drug use. Measure that advances the film, health Tommy aggravated so shocking to the public. In the end, without Lizzie, Tommy “decided to not opt for life” but the heroine and the msharp.

Begbie is considered better than any of the others. This is clearly seen when taught his friends after Renton narrowly escapes from prison, and trys to appear mature before the parents of Renton and when says that never was “poisoning” chemical products. Alcohol can also be considered as a chemical harmful to the body, but Begbie does not see it as such. Begbie takes an attitude of imposing when with their friends, for example in the fight scene from final pub when he commands to Renton to bring him a cigarette, or during hallucination scenes, as well as during their stay with Renton in England.

strut, the “friendly, child loser” as described by Clarke, is played by Ewen Bremner. Clarke sees life strut as brimming with wrong decisions, including your choice of drugs that are believed inappropriate for his weak character. During their six-week relationship with Gail, who have never had sex. On the night that she wanted to have sex with him, strut was too drunk to do anything. In that it wakes up Gail bed the next morning, he finds the dirty sheets. Content of intestine of spud ends up Smeared Gail and their parents while breakfast.

Clarke compares other scenes from the movie. Spud gets prison for theft while Renton emerges virtually unpunished. Similarly, Diane sees Spud lie intoxicated under the pavement during the scene of the Charter while the others appear lucid. Also, despite several threats, strut is the only member of the group to be wounded by Begbie. However, it is inevitable for all the world love Spud. The audience sympathize with him. Renton wishes that it ended up in prison instead of his friend. At the end, let money just strut because he pities the.

Kelly Macdonald by Diane is young but wise beyond their actual years. This is especially shown when it comes to men. At first, Renton sees in a discotheque to refuse the advances of a man drink two drinks and leaving, and secondly when Renton about him out of the club and responds to its weak chat with a cruel cold speech that leaves him totally dejected. However, when she opens the door of the taxi to Renton in, it is clear that the negative response could have merely been a tool to create a sexual power over him.

later in the film, after a night of passion with Renton in his bedroom, Renton and the public are funny, and disturbing to Diane changed her dress of silver in her school uniform. The audience understands the position’s in Renton found himself. You should leave this situation or otherwise face the consequences since she is a minor. However, Diane has once again about Renton power in this situation because if the police, Renton face prison. She knows the law and blackmails him to see it again. Diane also seems to be more knowledgeable about modern culture. She indeed emphasizes that shooting heroin, listening to Iggy Pop and the fact that Renton and the key players are still in Edinburgh are obsolete “times are changing, the music is changing, even drugs are changing”.

establishment of sexual power over men is also seen in other women in the film. In short, male characters of Trainspotting are ready to drop their usual facade insurance and put at risk the shame to satisfy their sexuality. Women in Trainspotting seem to be more than happy to make. For example strut bridal refused to sleep with prop during his six-week relationship, but later admitted to Lizzy want to sleep with Spud, however, loves to watch him suffer. Lizzy is also seen as ridiculous and control sexual of their men. She not is deny of having sex with Tommy since is your only pleasure that obtains of it. However, more later in the film, when Thomas not could find the video private highly intimate, Lizzy was embarrassed. She was so angry with him that she it left.

Alison, played by Susan Vidler, is a typical mother craving of drug. Is centered in yes same, neglecting completely their daughter. When the baby is found dead in his crib, Renton narrates that not know that father of your baby. This encourages the belief of that she is very immature and devoid of moral, have contact sexual with all those members male of the group. In the discovery of their daughter’s death, one of his initial reactions is to take heroin.

mother superior of the group is heroin. Although he was administering the drug to friends, he is never seen using it. Mother Superior cannot be considered entirely as a friend to them because, ultimately, he wants money for drugs that provides. However, when Renton overdose, mother superior asks a taxi and provides money for it. This can be interpreted as a friendly gesture but also how to help Renton to avoid problems. Mother Superior knows the different characters of the group. This may indicate that all have to use drugs for quite a while, so the haunting superior place often. During the film, the characters are robberies to support their drug habit. The need to steal could have been initiated by the mother superior demanding cash.

the bonus that Renton has with his friends is only the common goal of pulling the next hit. When he is not on drugs has to face the reality, that is, relationships, meet girls and day-to-day responsibilities. The film portrays what appears to be a United Group. However, there is the fear of Begbie due to its violence and alcohol trends as well as being the oldest of the lot. Strut Sickboy, Renton and later in the film Tommy they have an addiction to heroin, so their preferred method to solve problems is taking a hit. Begbie solves your drinking and fighting. The group shares stolen money and tends to steal in groups. When going to nightclubs, they party together. However, in the end Renton calls the rest of the group “so-called friends”.

the relationship between Renton and Spud can be considered to be the best within the characters. As mentioned earlier, Renton can not stop liking strut. Renton is giving advice to his friend before the interview of Spud. Although considered incorrect, Renton-best drilled some speed to put it in easy. When both are thefts, Renton wishes that he went to prison rather than strut. In the same scene, she confesses to being alone, although surrounded with family and friends. At the end of the film, Renton felt strut penalty because he never harmed anyone or say a bad word about his friends. Therefore, it left him money only to strut. This relationship is supported by the fact that Renton asks strut if you take the money and go. Renton could grabbed the bag and before Spud would have reacted in any way more easily.

Renton has a good relationship with Tommy, thinking of it as one of his best friends. Tommy also considers a friend Renton by relying on the problems he had with Lizzie. Renton felt penalty for Tommy when he found his HIV positive friend living in a horrible, dirty apartment. He tried to make amends by giving money to Tommy to pay the rent. This relationship is somewhat ironic because the fall of Tommy is caused by Renton when he stole video Tommy and Lizzy. From the outset, does not seem strong relationship Renton and Sickboy. Renton is a little jealous of Sickboy. This impression was created by the fact that Sickboy can easily overcome heroin because Renton is trying to quit smoking. Sickboy doesn’t seem to have problems of dating girls in the scene of the disc while Renton didn’t like the females to his around, with the exception of Diane. Towards the end of the film, Renton said that Sickboy would betray him out as well if he had first thought. Sickboy admits the fact.

Spud and Tommy are seen only talk about sex a very private matter because they both have a girlfriend. Her friends also seem to be in confidence with others. They feel comfortable sharing problems: Spud – no sex in a relationship of six weeks; Tommy – forgetting the birthday of Lizzy. He had a ticket for Iggy Pop for that same night. When Tommy dies, Spud sings a song. This Act shows just how much strut takes care of Tommy. Begbie and Renton relation is a bit contradictory. Begbie relies on Renton enough to trust with him when he came out with one transsexual without knowing it at the beginning. However, Begbie threatening to Renton on several occasions, its aggressive nature take care of all the emotions. Renton meets Begbie, mainly because it is afraid. Renton tries to not oppose Begbie because it is “a psychopath” at the end of the film Renton says that it didn’t he betrayed to Begbie.

the relationship between the superior and Renton represented not may be called as a friendship because, ultimately, mother superior business consists of selling drugs to Renton and the rest of the group. Yet their relationship is deeper than the normal provider relationship. Mother Superior could have easily dumped Renton somewhere rather than call a taxi to take him to the hospital. However, some may doubt generated due to the friendship gesture. The public could believe that paying the taxi is a small price to pay compared to all the problems of mother superior could get if it is with a corpse.

Trainspotting could be described as a message against drugs, which is portrayed on “studies of the character rather than a condescending preach” this film presents its audience with more than one view of drugs throughout the film, the characters of young heroin and injection of the latter in their bodies are often kitchen) However, also portrays the pain, agony, melancholy and unhappiness resulting from this drug addiction. You could say that this film is a warning about the fears and dangers of drugs, mainly heroin addiction.

of Trainspotting anti-drug message is mainly found within the capacity of the film to illustrate and deal with the reason as to what young people are attracted to drugs. Additionally the film can and success in presenting to the public with negative results, damages and consequences resulting from this type of addiction more clearly convey this message against drugs. The film portrays these negative results and damage constantly throughout the film. The film and its characters come into a world of neglect, dying babies, AIDS, anxiety, depression, boredom and hopelessness. Moreover the other message against the drug that derived of this film “goes more beyond of causes and consequences in the explanation of that abuse of them drug serious is in itself more beyond of causes and consequences: Renton you asks,” would who need reasons when have heroin? “.”

Trainspotting focuses on the subculture of heroin of mid-80s of Edinburgh, “when Pakistani smack had glutted the market of United Kingdom, increasingly, for thousands of people in unemployment, a cheaper means of forgetfulness than alcohol”. Its analysis of the likelihood of the Subcultures of the youth to overcome “their social class contect and (e) form a class of its own” in this film even “nonravers” are represented as drug users, in a literal sense (“State-sanctioned chemicals such as alcohol or tranquilizers”) and in a metaphorical sense (“TV, videos, computer games (‘, the adrenaline of the violence of football “).

Hebdige (1979:100) argues that “style is an intentional communication”. Barthes (N.D.) cited in Hebdige (1979:100), distinguishes between “subcultural” and “normal styles.” Subcultural style collects these insistent mixtures of clothing, music, jargon and exhibits almost a connection corresponding to “the more conventional formulas (normal suits, ties, twin sets, etc)”. Clothing that individuals use is selected within the constraint of preference, taste, cost etc.. These options include a wide range of messages that are communicated through the distinctions delicately classified a number of “systems interlocking” status, image and class. Subcultural styles are distinguished normal styles “are manufactured and showing their own codes”, and this is interpreted consistently throughout the film (Hebdige, 1979:100-101). Through clothes used by the characters in the films, he is portraying the message that do not belong to the “normal” culture, but belong to a class, or an own subculture; «I speak through my clothes» (Eco, 1973 cited in Hebdige, 1979:100).

Trainspotting can be described as black humor, but addicts at a price the film everyone sincerely. It is a film that is mainly for people who don’t want to belong. Trainspotting is not the first film about heroin, but the first that is a happy existence smack ‘slap in the face are both the grim reality of life at the tip of a needle and a glorification of carefree, fueled by pop music of the addicts’ ‘.

the soundtrack of Trainspotting was wildly successful in the international charts after the release of the movie itself, in the 1990s. The score consists mainly of popular music. At times the film takes the appearance of a music video, the conversation kept to a minimum. The scene and the soundtrack are completed and enough for the Viewer to understand. Used several times and for different purposes.

in the first ten minutes of the film, we are petrified; seeing as the anti hero Renton and Spud race through the streets and begins a voiceover: “choose life. Select a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television fucking; Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc and electric openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance… “

this litany is turned on and then we get a view of Renton lies in a stupor from heroin and the voice over ends with:

“but, why you would want to do something like this? ” I chose not to choose life: I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you have heroin?”

accompanying this powerful scene is ‘ Lust for Life’ Iggy Pop. ‘ Lust for Life’, in which letters, notably are subordinated to Renton voiceover after the thumping few bars, so many opening so the only lyrical fragments that can be heard are the first line ‘here comes Johnny Yen again…’ and the choral refrain (‘I have lust for life’). By the way, Iggy Pop is known for their past abuse of heroin and mentioned much in the film. The two finally come to signify each other — Mark Renton is the central character of the film and Iggy Pop is the most featured artist on the soundtrack album. Iggy Pop music also provides a sense of rebellion to the film. We can also notice poster of Iggy Pop in one of the scenes

knowledge of Renton’s new music is limited and this is seen when going on a spree. Renton is uncomfortable; It has not been out for a long time and is not in contact with the current music scene. This is we where have the inclusion of tracks Born Slippy and ‘by what dream’. All this shows how Renton has been so wrapped up in his habit of heroin that he is completely touch. The only song that Renton acknowledges is a song originally called Blondie “atomic” (a song from the 1980s). The change of emphasis is evident in Trainspotting is as, although the musical character of the score gradually changes from proto-punk Iggy Pop through the most recent waves of dance

music music was deliberately recorded for the film. For example “final mile” of pulp, which is accompanied by Mark Renton pass to a London flat. The lyrics of the song describes the State of the housing moves in:

“smelt as if someone had died
the Hall was full of flies.”

the kitchen sink had blocked
the not at all bathroom sink… “

another song created by the Group Leftfield for the film is ironically called ‘Final blow’.” Throughout the film, Renton takes most of their hits called late. It is mainly an instrumental track, with harmonic chords that contrast with a dark, almost overwhelming rhythm track. The contrast between harmony and rhythm can represent feelings of Mark Renton at this time in the film – he desperately wants to quit heroin, but the feeling get you is too pleasant.

all the music used in the film is full of irony. For example, when Renton is hallucinating that he is disappearing ‘more dirty toilet of Scotland’, we hear a soft piece of Brian Eno ambient music, aptly called Blue day deep. The film takes a surreal twist here and we are entering a world of images and sounds as Renton swims in a blue ocean. This all contrasts harshly with the reality of Renton in a dirty toilet to find their heroin suppositories, while he vomits uncontrollably

all the songs in the soundtrack of Trainspotting have become important people saw it and associated with the songs for the film; heroin. At this time, the heroine of the chic term was having great impact in the world. Heroin chic was a trend in the 1990s that characterizes the “slim and unhealthy look of junkies. Expression in white, waxy complexion and dark circles under the eyes, sunken cheeks, excessive thinness, hair greasy “were seen on catwalk models showing the heroin chic look and promoted in the circles of fashion as ‘chic’ and the popular magazine. This fragile, thin look and drug addicts was beloved in the world of fashion. In fact, in 1997 was the basis of the advertising campaign for Calvin Klein. Heroin always chic fashion debate and fight against drugs groups protested. “Fashion designers, models like Kate Moss and James King and films such as Trainspotting were blamed by exalting the elegant appearance of heroin and lifestyle”

US former President Bill Clinton condemned the elegant appearance of heroin and ‘heroin chic’ fashion photography to send a message that drug use is ‘glamour’ and ‘sexy’. He said, “Not need to glamorize addiction to sell clothes.” As he saw it, the glorification of heroin “is not creative. It is destructive. It is not beautiful. It is very ugly. And this is not art. It’s life and death. And glorifying death is not good for any society “not in vain-much of the conventional press and newspapers were horrified by the apparent glorification of the use of the heroine in the film Trainspotting. Addicts were presented as righteous heroes choose freedom over tyranny of the consumer society. Suddenly all the values were reversed as viewers and readers were invited to identify and empathize with low-lifes who think nothing of spending all day watching TV and shooting heroin. Trainspotting helped a new fascination with heroin drug to portray powerful models of role in the film. For years the heroin has been very popular in the lives of young celebrities for example River Phoenix (who died of an overdose in 1992).

Trainspotting was a great success and was more than the announcement of a film. Even years after the film was released, the film about heroin addiction was the best sold movies depicting cultural images of the heroin subcultures. Trainspotting has received a cult following. The film addresses both problems of heroin addiction from a point of view of the user to a view of the fight against drugs. Trainspotting handles us shock, terrify and disgust us awhile and make us laugh the next. Trainspotting does not really have a plot but simply follow the life everyday for this group of addicts

drugs are the main focus of this film. In the 1990s a new wave of music and drugs began to emerge. The heroin was seen as outdated (Iggy Pop). With the film Trainspotting heroin was given sight. Characters as sick boy and Renton became idols for rebellious teens who wanted to experience in drugs, felt disappointed, independent of the society. Trainspotting became the Bible to this new generation of heroin addicts. They had idols to imitate and a soundtrack. On the other hand one could have seen the movie as it is; a hole of ironic and cynical peep into the life of a group of heroin addicts. The tragedy of the film is obvious to the Viewer, but that depends on the person to interpret it.


Heroin – Use and Abuse

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heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug and acting more quickly than opiates. Heroin is processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the sheath of the seed of certain varieties of poppy plants.

the heroin is usually sold as a white or brown powder or as the sticky black substance known on the streets as ‘black tar heroin’. Street most of the heroin is cut with other drugs or substances such as sugar, starch, milk powder etc. In general, in the best of Malta or as is heroin know ‘smack’ is sold in packets made of paper, not more than one toe nail in size, Lm10 each. Heroin does not know the real strength of the drug and thus is always at risk of overdose or death. Other problems with heroin use is the transmission of HIV and other diseases that occur when sharing needles

how heroin is used?

the heroin usually injected, sniffed or smoked. Heroin addict can typically inject up to four times a day. Intravenous injections provide more intensity, more quick euphoric start, (7 to 8 seconds) while the intramuscular injection heroin that is sniffed provides a home relatively slow the euphoria (5 to 8 minutes) or smoked does not produce a fever and generally feel their effects peak within 10 to 15 minutes

(Adapted from the National Institute of Drug Abuse)

according to the NIDA researchers three forms of heroin administration are addictive. In the short term the immediate effects of heroin use are that the fever, depressed respiration, clouded mental functioning, nausea and vomiting and pain suppression. (Parker, 2002a:15) After the injection or inhalation, heroin crosses the barrier and is converted to morphine in the brain. It is when the abusers report quickly. “Having the best orgasm you’ve ever had. “Multiply by 1 thousand and you’re still far away”. This quote taken from the book and film ‘Trainspotting’ by Irvine Welsh better describes the ecstasy heroin addicts-induced feel. Heroin is particularly addictive as it enters the brain so quickly. ‘ The fever then is accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth and a heaviness in the limbs that can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and severe itching. ‘ (Parker, 2002b:15) the long term effects are addiction, infectious diseases for example, HIV and hepatitis B and C, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, abscesses, infection of the lining of the heart and valves, arthritis and other rheumatologic problems. (Parker, 2002 c: 16)

addiction is more harmful effects long-term of heroin. Addiction is chronic, relapse of the disease, characterized by the pursuit of compulsive of drugs and the consumption and neuro chemical and molecular changes in the brain. As consumers of other drugs, heroin users gradually spend more time and energy obtaining and using the drug. Primary purpose of the abusers of heroin in life becomes search and use of the drug.

‘ garbage is not like alcohol or marijuana, a major means to enjoy the life. Trash is not a setback. It is a way of life.’ (Burroughs, 1953a)

physical dependence develops with doses higher drug. Withdrawal symptoms occur if use is reduced or stopped abruptly. Symptoms of withdrawal include restlessness, pain in muscles and bones, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes (the term cold Turkey comes) and leg movements. Physical dependence and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms once thought that the key characteristics of heroin addiction. But cravings and relapse may occur weeks and months after that withdrawal symptoms are gone. This may be because the patient with pain looking for help and not the fever by the addict.

use Socio-psychological explanation.

there is a characteristic style of personality that can be called ‘addictive personality’. However, there are common traits of personality, symptoms and factors psychodynamic occurring in clusters of addicted persons. Many psychologists have devised theories to try to explain addiction.

function of Stanton et to the. results (1982) on the symptom in the families of addicts to drugs (heroin):

1. The euphoria of the regressive heroine, characterized by infantile fusion with the mother, allows the addict a symbolic reunification with the mother and the family of the children. Blunting of the drug effects allow the addict feel distant from overwhelming fears of incorporation while maintaining an illusory intimacy. This is true of other depressant drugs.

2. heroin causes a feeling of power and omnipotence that can unleash attacks to members of the family, especially parents. This ira allows the addict feel temporarily autonomous and free from family ties. Addicts elected life is also a challenging ‘quantum leap’ of the family.

3. regressive heroin, sexually equal high and the resulting “Rip and run” style of life, they prevent the man addicted to the development of intimate and lasting relationships particularly with women. In the latter stages of the addiction, drug use eliminated sex drive.

4. as result of the first three factors as underlying narcissistic personality, addicts are only pseudo family of procreation.” (Kaufman, 1994a:10)

dairy and Frosch (1973) found a difference between heroin and consumers of amphetamines which had abused both drugs and underwent a preference for one of the two. For those whose choice of drug was heroin, they suffer from depression and despair and relief from the anxiety by the withdrawal of others and repression of conflict through over and over again by the drug. In a later work, dairy and Frosch (1980) emphasized the need of the heroin to revive sporadic rabies opioid. Khantazian (1979) noted specific silencing and stabilize the effects of narcotics in rage and aggression. In a study of 200 heroin addicts, also found deficiencies in the development which led to outbursts of anger, poor impulse control, and dysphoria. Heroin then moderated the threat violent feelings that represent to themselves and others. In opiates, they experienced a sense of total physical relief, describing how soft and quiet. (Kaufman, 1994b:26)

heroin users usually belong to a subculture. Strong heroin users and controlled heroin users are bound together in small isolated groups who develop idiosyncratic rituals, rigid and social sanctions. These groups are always very fragile and focused on the drug. Ritual and compulsive users controlled users usually are the same. In both groups, people fight over who gets first, belts are used as links and so on. Ritual of the addict is an expression of the melancholy identification and bold outlaw stance is attractive for them.

the media, movies, music and stars has in recent decades put focus on heroin use and somehow added to his glamour. In the mid-90s a waif looking, emaciated, drug addicted look was popular in the fashion world. Pale skin, dark circles under the eyes and protruding bones were seen in models Runaways showing the appearance of ‘heroin chic’. Calvin Klein ads appears these looks in 1997. Fashion designers, model Kate Moss and movies like ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ were blamed by exalting the elegant appearance of heroin and lifestyle. Elegant fashion heroine always much controversy. In 1997 Bill Clinton felt he had to express its opinion on this. President Clinton lamented the fashion photography ‘heroin chic’, for sending a message using the drug once feared ‘glamorous’ or ‘sexy’. Clinton talking about policy drug United States took note of the recent admission by editors of journals that look ‘lost addict’ in some fashion designs had glorifies the use of heroin. He went on to say that the glorification of heroin was not creative and destructive. It was not art. Clinton went on to say that, although it has decreased the consumption of cocaine, heroin use had risen and said that you part of the reason the images that are finding their way to the young. David Sorrenti, a fashion photographer, who uses these images, died 20 years of a heroin overdose when Clinton made these statements to the press.

long before this incident of 1997, heroin has been the protagonist of letters, books, and deaths. The first book written in heroin was by Thomas De Quincy – confessions of a dining room of opium in the 18TH century. The Beat, mostly from William Burroughs generation, wrote important books on the subject. The most famous is ‘Junky’, which is autobiographical. Over the years, we have witnessed many fatal overdose in the entertainment industry, both in the world of cinema as River Phoenix, a young actor promising and numerous other deaths in music bands.

If you look at thes lyrics by Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground in the song with the self-explanatory title, “Heroin”, tells us that as many authors that write about the heroin, is the Center and the life of the addict.; ‘it is my wife and my life’, ‘because when the heroin flow, really I don’t already’ the soothing and relieving the pain produced by heroin users is clear in these letters, by the way affects the brain and the blood and the immense effect on thoughts of the person and the sense of being. Many later artists of Woodstock have written songs about heroin. Some songs about heroin: Neil Young: the needle and the damage done, the rolling stones: dead flowers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers: under the bridge, Velvet Underground: heroin, Guns N’ Roses: Mr Brownstone, of the: there goes, Dandy Warhols: not if you were the last junkie in the world, Wolfsheim: heroine, Velvet Underground: waiting for the man, the Ramones: Chinese Rock, Lou Reed : Perfect day, Pink Floyd: comfortably numb, U2: heroin and The Stranglers: golden brown:

“Brown texture Golden as the Sun
provides me WITH my mind works throughout the night

without having to fight
never a frown with golden”

the social correlates and consequences

in Malta not only traffic but also the possession of illicit drugs is a criminal offence. All users of drugs, because the possession at risk of criminal charges. In 2003, the drug squad made 597 arrests 528 people. 74% of these were only for possession while 22% where for possession and trafficking. It was mostly heroin and cannabis. (National Focal point on drugs and drug addiction)

30% of the population of Malta is accused or convicted of drug offences. All inmates tested are drugs at admission. 50% tested positive for drugs. The main drug of use was the heroine, with a staggering 81%. (National report 2004: situation of Malta drug)

many heroin users suffering from dual diagnosis, where a person has both a drug problem as a psychiatric, emotional problem. To recover fully, the person needs treatment for both problems. The most common problems are depressive disorders, disorders of anxiety and in some cases even the onset of disorders of personality and schizophrenia. What develops first? Most of the time the problem is mental that develops first of all other drugs in episodes dependence is the main condition and can then become a psychiatric illness.

in 2003, there were approximately 1,200 people with problems of heroin, in treatment-1,000 of these consumer hot spots are based on the criterion of daily use of heroin. Close to 700, this client population are in substitution treatment, taking methadone over a period of three months or more. (National report 2004: situation of Malta drug)

National Focal point on drugs and drug addiction believe that there are about 350 people who inject drugs unknown. Approximately 80% of heroin users inject. Syringe data indicate that approximately 220,000 syringes were distributed in 2003. The average age of clients in treatment with heroin or cocaine problems is usually about five years older than those with a problem of cannabis. Customer data heroin treated for the first time in 2003 demonstrated that started taking heroin at around 19. The mean age in the year 2003 was 28-year-old. 86% were male customers. (National report 2004: situation of Malta drug)

out of heroin are the most problematic. 71% are daily users, with 63% injection. The majority of clients using detoxification are heroin users, who make up 85%.

legal aspect and punishment

the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance controls possession and trading of narcotics, including equipment or materials used for the production of drugs. Part II of the Act prohibits the import and export of opium. Covers crimes of manufacturing, selling or trafficking in or use. The law specifies to also treat as a crop. Traffic penalties are severe, especially if it occurs 100 metres of a school, youth centre if supplied to a pregnant woman, minor of age or a person in rehabilitation. 101 dangerous drugs Ordinance (chapter)

punishment is established in said Ordinance. The Court of the judiciary is competent to try all offences against the Ordinance. The Attorney General has the right to appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal from any decision handed down by the Court of magistrates in connection with criminal proceedings arising from the provisions of this Ordinance. The Criminal Court hands of twelve months to ten years Lm10000 fined for possession. For sale and treatment, the Criminal Court can be given a life sentence, the only exception is when the judgment is not unanimous and when the age of the offender, previous carried out, amount and nature of the drug or social circumstances ask for this measure. In this case the Court can give a penalty of four to thirty years more fine lm1000 lm50000. When the case is tried in the Court of magistrates, the punishment is less severe. For possession, one can receive imprisonment from three to twelve months or more/a fine of no more than Lm1000. For the sale and trafficking of one can be sentenced from six months to ten years more fine Lm200 Lm5000. For the crime of trafficking in persons, there is perpetual and confiscation of property. In the case of the cultivation of the Court may confiscate property used for farming.

the punishment increases if the traffic and sales occurred near a school or involving children of age or pregnant women. Parole and probation are rewarded only in the case of possession. In the case of possession of drugs by foreign, they are not pursued if medications delivery to customs officials and is obvious from the number that it was exclusively for their own use.

addicted to heroin are sentenced to Corradino Correctioal can benefit from the rehabilitation program offered by SATU (therapeutic substance abuse unit) which is located at Mtahleb or Caritas which also has an internal prison program based in Bahar ic – Caghaq. In both cases, inmates are eligible for these services in the last two years of his sentence

the treatment no specific treatment is valid for all drug addicts. It is important that the treatment is suitable for particular problems and State of mind of each individual. The treatment must meet the needs of the individual. To be effective you have to address consumption of the addict, which may be related to medical, social or professional problems.

(adapted from the NIDA on treatment for drug abuse entitled ‘ principles of drug addiction treatment: a research-based guide)

counselling (individual or group) and other behavioral therapies are critical components of effective treatment for addiction. In therapy, patients issues of motivation, build skills to resist drug use, drugs with drugs not constructive and rewarding activities activities to replace and improve the problem solving skills.

drugs are also an important part of treatment for many patients, especially when combined with counseling and other behavioral therapies. Methadone and levo-Alpha-acetylmethdaol (LAAM) are very effective in helping people addicted to heroin to stabilize their lives and reduce the consumption of illicit drugs. (Parker, 2002d:168) In Malta, the majority of customers abuse of heroin is seen in the detoxification Center, while 29% in community services and 20% in rehabilitation programs. (National-Malta report drug situation 2004)

medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use. There are many types of treatments available. There are treatments free of drug patients, long-term residential treatment to medical detoxification and short-term residential treatment. There are two effective ways, prison-based treatment and treatment in the treatment of criminal drug abusers and addicts based on the community. Research shows that combines the sanctions of criminal justice, drug treatment may be effective to reduce the consumption of drugs and related offences.

in Caritas Malta and Sedqa are almost identical services to heroin addicts. There is also joy Oasi which offers residential rehabilitation services. Caritas and Sedqa both outreach and rehabilitation programs. They also offer information for parents and children and counseling for the whole family.


Photography Specialties

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there are very few Americans who believe photography is everything to almost take photos; However, there are so many specialties that one can enter if going to the school of photography. First, there are many schools for those who want to focus on only one type of photography. For example, a photographer can specialize in taking pictures to senior. Below you will find a brief list of some of them different types of photography and what types of jobs of work in each field:

1. Special events wedding photography can be a very rewarding career. Many professionals in the field revel in having the ability to capture happy memories of their clients in the House. Most photographers in this field start in a small study, then we move on and opened his own Studio. Owning your own Studio can be hard work, by what some people prefer to go to an association with an another colleague to share the costs and responsibilities of owning a Studio.

2. graduation photography, may or may not be separate wedding and special events. Some photographic studios engage only to take pictures of the graduation all year long. Take pictures of the school has become more popular. Many studios offer a personalized service to its customers. For example, pull themselves to a variety of images either indoors or outdoors for each team client brings to the study. A high school student can wear jeans and a top outdoor table and use a stylish outfit for a session inside.

3. photographing the nature also can be a career very gratifying. The first choice of career that comes to mind is shot photos for National Geographic, which would be very funny what to do all the time. A lot of travel is involved in shooting photos of nature to any magazine or newspaper. Nature can include live animals in their natural habitat and non-living beings in their natural habitat. With this theme, usually you would be working for a magazine and would travel to a journalist to any site is chosen for the article.

4. Finally, another popular address for photographers is to shoot models for magazines and fashion shows. This is a very difficult field to enter because it is considered as the most glamorous. Many people would love to take part in photo shoots with models and celebrities for one of the most popular magazines, but there are a limited number of jobs in this type of industry.

contrary to popular belief, there are so many directions that one can take their photography careers in a time that finished with schooling. You decide will depend on how you want to spend the rest of his career. If you want to settle, stay in one place and have a family then perhaps from his own Studio would be better for you and doing special events could be good for you. If you want to travel a lot and maybe not settle anywhere in particular, then maybe nature photography track would be better, since for any type of journal nature photography usually requires a lot of travel.


Commercial Print Modeling Vs Editorial Print Modeling

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when you think or hear the word “commercial” in regards to the modeling industry, there are some variations of meaning, but in the most practical way on photography “impression” that the word “promote”. Model work is to be photographed “promotion” of a product or service in a print ad (for example… in magazines, brochures, newspapers, catalogs, etc.). There are numerous opportunities for COMMERCIAL PRINT MODELS that exist in all United States and internationally. The announcement may vary from the smallest business promoting their ‘ sustenance to large corporations that have their own marketing campaigns advertising agencies.

commercial print modeling is very different from the modeling of print publishing. Remember that a “publishing” is a fashion magazine “history” of the trend that is occurring in that precise moment, not an ad specific for any a company, although can see multiple credits cited in small print of them shops and designers of them garments outstanding and accessories. Some ads that can be seen in magazines can be elaborately extended and photographed in an “editorial style”, but ultimately is an ad for “commercial” If you are promoting a company name. It is an ingenious, high fashion looking for ad, however, because a is the announcement of style that is marketing to their target consumers.

generally, however, the publishing model and style of modeling do not represent the particular aspect that can be marketed to a large group of average consumers, “every day” (also known as people who buy). Consumers buy ads that can relate or reach. This is where a business model can have a wonderful chance of success because its image is a part of the process of marketing, selling to the consumer. They represent a highly accessible and marketable look. Therefore, for any product you are promoting their appearance can vary depending on which product or service being advertised to the consumer. That means that the door is open to many different types and sizes of the models. Please note, that there are actually some fashion editorial models that are able to cross next to different commercial advertising editorial modeling. It is ideal for a model career wanting to longevity. Business model does not generally have a look while there may be a special look that hired over and over again.

here is where variations in terminology are and can cause confusion for if a model is considered a type of editorial or commercial-type model. Do you remember the prestigious title? It is on publishing models, but there is something wonderful to say to be a successful business model of work, also. “Commercial” is a term which the public in general thinks advertisements you see on television or hear on the radio. The terminology used by a front of a modeling agency advertising agency when it refers to “commercial” has varying degrees of meanings, depending on how you interpret the reserve.

be in a television commercial is a type of opportunity that can use business models, but it is “NOT” why business models are called. For the purposes of a commercial type of the model, the doors are open to almost anyone who does not have the ability to be either photogenic for photos or having adequate and accessible personality seeks to promote a product. Model range can vary from being outwardly very attractive to people who have a great “character” face or personality (a.k.a. character model). Fashion have their place for business models (also known as commercial fashion models) for the sale of clothing or accessories that are being advertised in catalogues, exhibitions and certain ads in magazines (not publishing stories).

the context to explain where the use of the terms “business model” may vary depending on who refers to the reserve… an advertising agency, an agency of business models or fashion of “Specialized” publishing Agency. (Also known as advertising agencies) advertising agencies are hired on behalf of a company that wants your product or service promoted. Advertising agencies in general be responsible for how the product or service will be promoted and handles usually hire the staff necessary to complete the work as photographers and models, also. If the campaign is to promote a product of “fashion”, then the “advertising” agency refers to this as a work of “fashion”. Here is where the slight confusion of terms is only a technicality. A “Publishing” modeling agency do not relate to the work of “fashion” as “publishing” and it will be more likely to like shopping advertisement. So, here is the point of view of the advertising agency reserves a ‘model’, but perhaps the modeling agency refers to what is reservation of advertising in terms of a business model agency. Ultimately, someone is used, so congratulations to any type of model gets the job. Commercial engraving reserves for models represent much work all over the world, too, as well as high fashion modeling. The demand for models of catalog varies from city to city, as well as the prestige of the work.

while the “prestige” is usually a term used for bookings of the publishing model, there is a rare level of “exception” to the business models that work for ‘large’ fashion customers, also. Catalogs, beauty clients, customers of fashion of luxury and department stores with the “combination” fashion and commercial models for your printing job opportunities, too, that is different from the stories of fashion editorial. It’s high quality advertising! There are some rare models, “dual type” that can be in possibly the same type of magazines for its announcement of “commercial” so that its “publishing” fashion history. These companies want to show your name, company and product with a large effective representation, scale, so the bottom line is to “invest” in their ability to make money. Models of reserve is an investment of your money paid to advertising agency (or modeling agency) directly, so the capacity is essential to have the right model representing the market they are trying to get the “look” of the company to. The “prestige” in an opportunity of commercial printing is usually associated with the exclusive client, use of photographs or the amount of money paid for the business model.

commercial print models appear in magazines, newspapers, flyers/inserts newspaper ads, brochures, textbooks, brochures, billboards, Internet ads, hang tags, packaged food and other numerous product pictures (too many to list them all). We mentioned earlier that there is flexibility in the model appearance and size even. The requirements are not as stringent as the publishing model in terms of height, weight and body measurements, but the model hired to a commercial print job is obliged to fill the shoes of any “character” who have been hired to represent in front of the camera. The character is usually reserved by model that adapts to the nearest function as “young mama”, “middle-aged pilot”, “Executive”, “young nurse”, “College student”, etc. The company or advertising agency has their own idea of how they want to your product or service represented, so that the model must “see” and “project” part customer and photographer. It’s Act. The younger model is unlikely that an actor experienced or trained, but modeling is a version of role, so it is a personal trait that can improve the ability of the model to enter character. Actors compete for these jobs, so, in commercial printing, so it is not just for models of career. Everyone wants to work. Commercial print modeling may or may not be an option of a full-time career in comparison with the often hectic schedule of fashion publishing model.

the availability of a model flexibility is also a key requirement to get the job when jobs are available, too. Some reservations are made literally at the “last minute” when customers need someone a.s.a.p. for “whatever” reason can be found (a model that never showed up, a model must be replaced, etc.). There is often a team of people relying on “all” to do their jobs and are shown in the time. Time is something that is paid and a model should never assume that even five to fifteen minutes late is acceptable. This is not a social situation, but rather a professional, paid work. Be a little early is well worth the experience not to thwart a team of creative people and which allows a breathing time get into character. Time not should be considered as it appears at the exact moment that officially begins work. It is assumed that you should know to be a little soon to be with any necessary information, extra preparation or updates of what’s happening to reserve. Your mind must be open to any character who is portraying and how better can show any product or service implied by their poses and any accessories.

clothes may not always be provided by the customer… surprise! You don’t want to discover too late, either! This is part of the industry of commercial modeling where you can provide the “props” such as clothes, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. Even can be required to put in your own makeup and do your own hairstyle. It is not as glamorous as the public generally perceives, HUH? It all depends on the client’s budget, so you should be aware of this until they appear by the reserve. Always obtain the information of the Agency to book your time on any special considerations. Never hurts to check up on a potential client before a go-see, either, to learn what they do if you are not familiar with them. Giving you information that can help you get the job or be prepared to do the job even better is intelligent. (also known as “an elegant model”)


The Difference Between A Model And A Beauty Queen

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is a big difference between beauty and modeling contests. Children of the parade are brought up believing that the focus is all about them; How are, what they can do and how to come across as an individual. You are taught to sell themselves. Unfortunately, in the real fashion world, it’s all about the product and sell the product. Although fashion and catwalk models need to have certain skills and specific aesthetic qualities, its main objective is to make a product look good, excite the customer and make you want to buy.

contest moms are known to be extremely competitive. Everyone wants to be at the top of the game, learn more about the industry, gaining the majority of the titles and crowns and have more beautiful, talented, loving child world peace in the whole world. But what these mothers do not realize is that their children are selling false hopes when they promise them that, one day, all final trials, dance classes, lessons in American history, and hair pulling will be worth. This is not the case. Many young parade princesses dreams are crushed when they discover all the years of intense training; rhythmically jump down the walkway, smiling at all the bared teeth and adorable banks your hair such as wink and flirt with the public, has made molding them in exactly what a fashion Agency does not seek in a model of Haute Couture.

Gets an enormous amount of time, effort and money in beauty pageants. A lot of moms parade will hire pageant coaches and trainers of dance, both at a great cost. Then will spend a fortune on equipment for each an of the different rounds. Elaborated, custom-made ball gowns, one of a type of swimsuit, costumes, props and stage for the talent show accessories, dresses etc. of the coronation. Then is the foot of height, 30-inch-long pieces of hair, custom molded dental flippers to hide any baby teeth / imperfect, many pairs of shoes with embedded diamonds, false eyelashes, jar after jar and tube after tube of bright pink blusher, foundation stage thick, lipstick and gloss. This is used to highlight features of the Princess parade, the body and the overall image and make look so unrealistic as possible, all in the hope of being crowned Queen of the parade.

fashion designers will also invest an enormous amount of time, effort and money in a fashion for clothes show. This money will be spent on lighting, sound engineers, stage, models, stylists and artists stand hair and makeup, all oriented to ensure that your clothing attracts the audience of buyers and celebrities.

in contrast to the girls of the parade, fashion models don’t try to steal the show. The point of a fashion show is to sell clothes, not people. If the model blew kisses, dances around the stage like a fairy, distracting the audience and did not look good dress, designer does not sell his clothing and therefore does not have a business. For this reason girls parade is difficult to make the transition from the Queen of beauty at the super model.

as well, if you’re a Queen’s contest, hoping to one day make it as a fashion model, you need to make sure that you understand the difference between the two. If you like the role, you can walk on stage without a face full of paint and hair style taller than a toddler, you’ll have to accept that the world of modeling is not just for you.


Jamie Nelson, Talented Photographer

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was able to catch an interview with Jamie Nelson photographer published in popular magazines Zink, Linie De Luxe, Plaza, and highlights. His work is also shown in galleries around the world.

was absolutely in love with your photos the first time I looked over them.

uses graphics and color dared out really pop to the Viewer. Viva is a great word to describe his art and art does much more than fashion, is the type of photos that hang on a wall to enjoy every day.

his work is very different as quoted by anti-mag “, I dare say it is pushing the envelope in this genre of photography and is doing very well.” Another great article on

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I.

what are your inspirations?

Jamie: never have been very inspired by other photographers. I have always inspired them by life experiences and my deep urges to share my passion and my vision with people.

inspired me throughout the day of the session when it brings the entire creative team to create.

I am inspired by the chaos of the days of shooting and the beauty of the final result which is created by various artists.

when it does that it wanted to make what you’re currently doing and when did begin?

Jamie: I was in my last year of high school, to ask Stanford program pre-med.

has been, thank God it did not happen!

I took an art class and fell in love with photography and it completely changed my address.

what their favorite art articles?

Jamie: I like the bold and colorful clothing that makes a graphic statement and transforms the model.

However, lately I have obsessed with shooting beauty and cosmetics.

in the same vein, I am inspired by bold and colourful make-up that creates graphics statements in the model and transforms him.

are you favorite products or equipment used to create your art?

Jamie: actually I don’t like emphasizing the importance the team.

has never been about what kind of equipment they use.

always was the poor guy in the school with the junkiest camera.

everyone likes this question, but really, there is no special magic team in my opinion.

is a part of any artist communities online or offline?

Jamie: my favorite online lately community.

there are some truly amazing talents there.

do you have any followers who have photographed?

Jamie: I like shooting with taxidermy animals for any reason.

was a stage that crossed for a while.

have been frozen in time with a last movement and action in life.

remain quiet, however, in bold. It seems to be a general metaphor for my images.

I would like that my models and pictures to hold the same tranquility and timelessness.

what issues you have in your art?

Jamie: work tends to be bold – either colors or colorless, there is always an element of boldness.

each image is bright and perfect, even if the content is rough, raw or grungy.

took much of vintage aesthetic in each image, a juxtaposition of several eras of time that inspire me.

do you see moving in any new direction?

Jamie: I am moving quickly in the commercial field.

after obtaining success in advertising campaigns and major magazines, I would love to be able to settle a bit and focus on returning in the direction of fine arts.

are where people can view and or purchase your work?

Jamie: my work is usually offered in magazines internationally distributed in Barnes & Noble and border. Although some are dark foreign magazines that can be hard to find.

I am also doing more local and international art exhibitions. The most common will be one in Rome in May.

which experience or training has helped to grow as an artist?

Jamie: there are so many elements that have helped my growth over the years.

the school was very important to develop the technical aspect of my photography.

have one solid team of other creatives around me as it really facilitated the artistic vision and perfect flow.

pull constantly and practicing always teaches me something new.

when outbreaks go horribly wrong, I love and me excited-which always learn so much from each!

go to school or take classes to start?

Jamie: Yes, I went to Brooks Institute of Photography of CA for 4 years.

also took an art class in high school, which initially aroused my interest in photography.

what advice would give you to beginner photographers?

Jamie: develop your own style. Remain faithful to him. Try to bring your work to as many people as possible.

be persistent. Be willing to make sacrifices for what you want to


Areas of Photography Based on Subjects

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are many different areas of photography based on their topics. Here are some of the different types of photography: nature photography

nature photography captures images of bliss and beauty of nature. Includes landscape photography which exhibits the beauty of a place and its forms as deserts, mountains and waterfalls even. It is also wildlife photography that takes images of animals and their habitats. This type of photography requires adaptability to nature and knowledge of the animals. This can be dangerous if not know how react or treat to those animals and walk in the desert of the forest and the mountains. Underwater photography

underwater photography can be a separate type but is still related to nature photography. It focuses on the attraction and the splendour of marine life and the wonders of the submarine. Topics of interest under water are fish, corals and other terrifying creatures like sharks. Photography

is a type that shows images of places, beautiful views and even the people of travel. It captures the culture of a place and its customs and traditions. This can be seen especially in brochures and its objective is to promote the location for tourists.

action photography takes pictures of activities that involve action such as sports, activities, adventure and daring feats. It is important in this type of photography that the photographer can anticipate when it is best to take photos, you must be willing to venture into this search for risk-taking and must be quick to react to take pictures. Documentary photography

this type of photography is to take images would be part of the story. It captures a period of time and its political or social situation and events. This may also include photojournalism, where journalists are not allowed to make adjustments to the images to not alter the real image of an event or scene and is thus presented nothing more than facts.

fashion photography photography
fashion is taking pictures of models while putting emphasis on clothes and accessories. You can also associate in celebrity photography because celebrities are set optimally.

Glamour photography
glamour photography refers to the model or theme become more attractive and glamorous appearance. It can also be connected with the portrait photography, whose objective is to capture the best image and personality of the subject.

a type of candida photography
where the themes are spontaneous and sometimes.


9 Shopping Streets of London for Photography Addicts

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imagine your trip to one of the busy streets of London, where Londoners and tourists are busy shopping and are engaged in the capture of the moments where they are enjoying shopping. London is a lively city with several streets. Every street has its own history and distinct identity, especially the shopping streets are pretty bizarre with eccentric themes that can Captivate to capture feelings in the Chamber and the reaction of the people. Take a tutorial for the streets of London and spend several hours or a whole day in the capture of the excitement of the store or alcoholics and window shoppers.

here we have listed the names of the shopping streets of London few who can give countless moments and stories to embrace in your camera.

  1. Oxford Street: this is the street more popular of London to go of shopping with more than 300 stores, shops of point of reference and design of communication. If you’re a true shop-o-holic, you can’t go without a plethora of overflow bags. And if you’re a street photographer or a traveler who has a kind of instinct of catchment bustling streets, then Oxford Street has a lot of famous department stores, fashion shop, and the veteran and legendary Selfridges. You can also walk to the side streets to capture some of the people activities.
  2. regent Street and Jermyn Street: away from the bustling crowd, Regent Street show elegance with fashion’s oldest and most famous shops in the city. The classic Street is the best for fashion shopping with a number of mid-range fashion stores. It can be stylish and elegant appearance of the street and people wandering around in the House. Don’t forget to move your feet to Jermyn Street, known for its British Antique and men’s clothing stores.
  3. Bond Street and Mayfair: If you want to capture the commercial people in high-profile and celebrity madness, then step your legs towards Bond Street and Mayfair. You can also luxury window shopping and adjust the mannequins with designer clothes and people making windows and commercial real. Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. they are here to make your exclusive photographs.
  4. Camden: you can find a lot of stories and moments to share through your camera. Gothic fashion and punk clothes can give the camera countless moments to capture something strange. Tattoos and piercing in Camden High Street stores can give the exhibition go little weird photography Street . Well, do not forget to zoom camera in the Camden Lock Market.
  5. notting Hill: this street gives you a lot of things to give a great touch with his addiction to photography. Clothing stores extravagant vintage, antique articles and organic food is the best place to spend the day to capture different views of the street, stories and feelings of people.
  6. King Road: -array of shops, boutiques and brands of high-street to a variety of restaurants and cafes-todos are available in the way of the King. Even its enthusiast can find the best example of Interior design shops that double to take the picture.
  7. Carnaby Street: one of the most ancient streets between Oxford and Regent Street, which is known for its series of culture and fashion, is good to enhance your photography experience. This market street is a group of 13 streets with about 150 brands, 50 restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, shops and boutiques. You can capture the chaotic expressions of people wandering from here for shopping and appointments. You can also get the opportunity to click on still images of shopping events and live music shows.
  8. Knightsbridge: brands, boutiques, famous department stores – this street is full of amazing shops and brilliant elite. You can find people who always want to keep the chain of fashion on the street shopping in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and several other large fashion shops, boutiques and street fashion brands. Therefore, you can give a lot of times to increase the count of photos in Knightsbridge.
  9. Covent Garden: If you want to go a bit peculiar, then you should walk through the shopping street of Covent Garden. Here, you can find people buying extravagant gifts, rare candy, cosmetics, funky and shoes and last urban streetwear. Artistic beauty can be explored through art and craft shops in Covent Garden.