This is Luxury Living for the Five of Us

I have a pretty big family compared to my friends and family. My husband and I have three children, and we would have had more if I had not had to have emergency surgery after my last delivery. As a result, we can only be a family of five, but that is enough for us. My sister told me that we should look at the Regency at Outlook Canyon apartments when we decided to look for a bigger house to rent. She has a friend who lives there, and she was even considering moving there herself.

At the time, we only had a three bedroom house. Our two youngest daughters had to share a bedroom, and their older brother had his own room, though it was quite small. Though they never complained, we wanted a lot more for them. When she told me that Regency has four bedroom apartments, I still was not convinced. Our children were already used to small living spaces, but I wanted them to have something nicer. She told me to look before I judged, and she had a point. I went to the website, and I am so glad that she convinced me to do this.

The four bedroom apartment is huge! All of the rooms are really nice and big, and each of them would have their own privacy for a change. So much more is included other than each of our children finally getting their own rooms. There is a large garage, and a balcony on the main floor. Our son has his own bedroom and bathroom downstairs, which he absolutely loves. He says it is like having his own apartment! The nice thing too is that there are three bathrooms. We had to share just one before, so this is really luxury living for the five of us!

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